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  29. Every Superhero needs a Side Kick !
  30. Small Snake Charmer as a knitting project bag
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  33. Packing Cubes and the Brain Bag
  34. A45 Cubes - When will they be back in stock?
  35. Tom Bihn Meets Best American Duffel (10 Days in Europe with a Carry On)
  36. Suggestion for Tom Bihn: Seatback pocket organizer
  37. Brain Bag with Luggage Handle Pass Through
  38. Dream accessory: a hidden pocket against my back
  39. Need organizer help with Synapse?
  40. Vapur Element Anti-Bottle in a Synapse 25 - Perfect Fit!
  41. Key strap with o-ring
  42. Small Snake Charmer as toiletry bag?
  43. Side effect / Side kick / Snakecharmer and laptop power adapter question
  44. Thoughts on a modular Brain Cell replacement
  45. Bags inside of bags inside of bags
  46. DLBC as EDC
  47. Brain Bag setup help
  48. Smart Alec constantly falls over backward and
  49. How to hang a freudian slip in a brain bag.
  50. Will a small or medium Yeoman fit (rolled) into the Smart Alec Lower Modular Pouch?
  51. Accessory bag for nurse gear
  52. Pictures of Side Effect nested into Synapse 19
  53. Day pack for Aeronaut 30
  54. S25 + Organizer Pouch? + TSS? + 3DOC? + Packing Cubes?
  55. Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack
  56. Slim Sleeve for Macbook 12?
  57. The Hero's Journey
  58. Cafe bag
  59. Accessorize S25 for EDC
  60. Yoeman Organization Strategy
  61. what packing cube configuration for the A30?
  62. For fun what's on your o-ring?
  63. How to store loose paper in a Synapse?
  64. Bag-related ramblings...
  65. 3DOC vs. Small SC
  66. How do you deal with car keys????
  67. Help me accessorize a WF
  68. Deciding on accessories for my synapse 19
  69. packing cubes for the Maker's Bag?
  70. organizer pouch to fit iPhone 6S
  72. Flexo-Line travel washing clothes line in U.K./Europe?
  73. Folder Advice
  74. Freudian Slip for laptop and bulky notetaker
  76. Travel antiseptic
  77. Freudian Slip for Shop Bags
  78. Q-Kit: small vs. mini
  79. Will the Synapse 25 accomodate an Aether Aeronaut 45 Large Packing Cube?
  80. Travel tray pockets?
  81. Why I love my Side Effect
  82. Travel Laundry Stuff Sack in a Daylight Backpack
  83. The Standard Bearer
  85. Synapse 25: attaching an accessory to the cache loops?
  86. Medium cafe bag Freudian slip
  87. Long time, no see + I love the Sidekick + flight bag
  88. Accessories for Bose QC25
  89. What kind/brand of wallet do you all travel with?
  90. Locking a Passport Pouch - bag hack
  91. Bag Hackers - Where do you get spare o-rings?
  92. Where can I find double carabiners ? (picture attached)
  94. Kindle Voyage size Padded Organizer Pouch?
  95. Anyone tried a Stowaway in the A45?
  96. What happened to the o-ring/o-ring straps? I need oodles!
  97. How can I carry more stuff with my SA?
  98. 12.9‑inch iPad Pro and Pencil Organization
  99. Recommend a TSA lock for the A45, please.
  100. Desperately seeking softer bag strap
  101. Unexpected Use
  102. Pouch for small medicines
  103. Small snake charmer as breakfast bag
  104. Shelf of Deluxe Spiff Kit - what do you use it for?
  105. Buzz accessories
  106. Organizing Advice Needed
  107. best compression sack/bag for light down jacket/rain jackets
  108. Anyone try the CC SIDE POCKETS with a backpack?
  110. Snake charmer vs mesh 3D organizer cube for Synapse 25
  111. Tri-Star Packing Cube Backpack & Brain Bag - a happy union?
  112. Carrying Camera + Regular EDC in an S19
  113. Padded pouch for camera?
  115. Pen Wrap or Ballistic pouch?
  116. Pouch for Passport and Cards
  117. Preventing bulging in my Tri-Star?
  118. S25 Frame Sheet - One Week In
  119. Large vs Small snake charmer for S25
  120. Jeans in a Tri-Star (or A30)
  121. Help with organizing an S25
  122. Smart Alec - Lower Mod Pack - Reducing the bulge
  123. Best way to distribute weight in an Aeronaut in backpack mode?
  124. Accessories for the Synapse 25
  125. Synapse 25 - Water Bottle Recommendations
  126. Traveling couples/duos: Do you a) mix stuff & b) use one bigger or two smaller bags?
  127. FS for Smart Alec
  128. Cubelet as diaper/nappy pouch
  129. Clear Quarter Packing Cube as a 3-1-1 liquids bag
  130. Synapse 25 - packing cubes and accessories
  131. How I store my bags
  132. Trying to turn a Goruck GR1 into a Tom Bihn bag
  133. Marsupializing
  134. GP Leads Pocket and Pouchkins Leafs
  135. Synapse 25 main pocket organization
  136. Organizations options for S25 for my hobbies
  137. Water Bottle for A30
  138. Travel Cubelet vs. Side Effect
  139. Ode to the small accessories
  140. Packing Cube Retirements [emoji50]
  141. stuff sacks
  142. Packing cubes for Medium Road Duffle
  143. Small cafe bag organization help
  144. Laundry Stuff Sack in the Synapse 25
  145. Cache Fit for HP Elitebook 840
  146. How do you use your Freudian Slip?
  147. S19 side pockets
  148. Lost from Side Effect - what I can learn from it?
  149. Travel Tray and Laundry Stuff Sack Review
  150. Q-Kit Mini and my new Anker PowerCore II 6700 phone charger
  151. Flash, what do you hang on your o-rings?
  152. Synaple Light Strap - What I Did With Mine
  153. Travel cubelet stuff
  154. S25 frame sheet in the A30?
  155. Best way to clean a clear 3DOC?
  156. Freudian Slip(s) with Pop Tote bag?
  157. Non-TB Organizational Pouches with clips
  158. Maker's Bag-thoughts & discoveries
  159. Western Flyer + S25 Internal Frame Bag Hack
  160. Packing cube shoulder bag in synapse 25?
  161. Any plans to make the Pocket Travel Pillow in other colors, like grey?
  162. Cache size for Google Pixelbook?
  163. Hack for a large laptop in a too-small bag?
  164. Packing a suit
  165. Putting together a sewing kit?
  166. Synapse 25 Freudian Slip in a Daylight Backpack?
  167. Where do you store your spare straps when not in use?
  168. Donations Crane question
  169. Paracord matches for limited edition colors?
  170. Cache for the Amazon Fire HD 10?
  171. Any quilters out there?
  172. Help with transitioning to and organizing a Synapse 25
  173. Something like a Snake Charmer for a Synapse 25 side pocket?
  174. Freudian Slip Folding up? Solution?
  175. Laundry Stuff Sack Questions
  176. Toulouse to the Med with SCB
  177. Which organizer cube will work for my in-flight toiletries?
  178. Leave no trace bag tag
  179. Synapse 25: 15" MacBook Pro and iPad Pro 12.9
  180. Synapse 25 - Padding, Organizing, and the Razer Blade
  181. How do you pack polyester shirts?
  182. Knitting Tool Pouch #3 Question
  183. Will it fit?
  184. Small Double Organizer Pouch
  185. Small Double Organizer Pouch vs Clear Wallet
  186. Freudian slip for new Zipped Shop Bags
  187. TAD Control Panel and Ballistic Panel
  188. Need to store multiple passports
  189. What size snake charmer?
  190. Smart Alec central inside pocket, what use?
  191. Zipper pull cord
  192. Need opinions: Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack
  193. Spiff Kit and chin pocket of an S19
  194. Best organizer pouch for notecards?
  195. Which smaller day bag to use with Synapse 25 for city travel?
  196. How to nest/marsupialize/Tetris the Aeronaut 30 Large Packing Cube
  197. Freudian Slip in an S25, how much room is there left?
  198. Copilot replacement? (For A30 or A45)
  199. Ranger Rolls
  200. Best option for a change holder?
  201. Bose QC 35- how to pack in A30/45
  202. S25 Full of Accessories?
  203. A30 cube setup: help! Pulling my hair out
  204. Men of TB Forum: how do you use the Side effect?
  205. Side Effect: can any mini pouch fit in the inner side pockets?
  206. What is the smallest vertical cache Tom Bihn makes?
  207. Aeronaut 30: large cube or large travel cube
  208. How to order small plastic Snap Hooks
  209. DLBP: what is your setup ? Pouches etc?
  210. Stadium rules and clear bags.
  211. CACHE for the NEW IPAD PRO 11"
  212. AirPods & Pocket Pouch
  213. Internal size of the Clear Organizer Wallet
  214. Aeronaut 30 Video Camera Bag
  215. Is There an Alternative Side Kick Strap That is Longer?
  216. NIK's MINIMALIST WALLET plastic inside pocket questions
  217. Halcyon small vs Nik's Wallet?
  218. Shoulder strap pads and back panel for Daylight Backpack?
  219. What size laundry cubes will fit the S25?
  220. managing straps
  221. Front pockets of Brain Bag
  222. A30 laundry hack?
  223. Which Memobottle or alternative for DLBC?
  224. Freudian Slip flip
  225. Western Flyer with running shoes (Nike Flyknit RN)
  226. I underestimated the travel tray
  227. SCB: suggestions wanted for parking pass strategy
  228. Harmonic Genius
  229. Packing cubes for GR1
  230. Airplane seat use: 3D ORGANIZER CUBE, CLEAR
  231. Daylight briefcase organization accessories?
  232. Brain Bag Camera Storage?
  233. Spiff Art Kit
  234. Tenba BYOB 9 + Makers Bag?
  235. zipper cord question - any benefit to having 8 inch vs cord?
  236. What to do with the 5 yards cord
  237. Packing shoes in the A30
  238. TSS Sizes
  239. What are the best ways to pack down the zip top bags?
  240. Medium Cafe Bag Freudian Slip question
  241. Nintendo Switch Games
  242. Toiletry kit for a synapse 25 side pocket request for recommendations
  243. How should I mod my non-TB bags and packing cubes?
  244. What's the best organizer for the S25 front pocket?
  245. If you could choose ONE accessory for your travel bag, which one?
  246. Storing a computer mouse?
  247. Cache for Kindle
  248. How do you attach your Synapse to the handle of rolling luggage?
  249. Will the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag fit in the Co-Pilot?
  250. Advice, please - My inhaler ate my TB bag