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04-15-2016, 07:16 AM

Just wondering if anyone suffers from the same problem I do? I sooo want a new TB bag. It's been years since I bought my first and so far only TB bag. My Super Ego is still going strong and looks like I only bought it yesterday. I really do like the idea of an Empire Builder or the Co-Pilot but I have absolutely no need for one. But I can't resist browsing the website in case something new is announced. I recently bought an Under Armour duffle bag for the gym run but so wish it was the yeoman. BUt the Yeoman is too big for the average locker. In the meantime I'll just keep browsing. Maybe one day I'll click the 'Add to Basket' button.

PS, it's not just the Empire Builder and Co-pilot I wanna buy. I could so go for a cadet, pilot, both duffels, tri-star, western flyer ... It's sooo good!

04-15-2016, 07:56 AM
Believe me! You are not the only one. I don't have near the number of bags some folks have, but I have more than I can use. AND I WANT MORE!!!

04-15-2016, 08:40 AM
Here's a suggestion. If your Super Ego meets all your needs and you're not drawn to new colors, etc., just stick with that for your EDC. But, if you really want to try something else, maybe consider something like a shop bag for toting stuff around (I use mine for much more than farmers market trips - probably my most used bags) or an accessory to make your SUper Ego even more functional, like a travel tray or another pouch. Enhance what you already have rather than look to replace it if you are one of those rare and lucky people who can resist the urge of "I want" versus "I need".

04-15-2016, 08:51 AM
What about one of the Skookum duffles, or the NFTD for your gym bag? Or for a splurge, the A30, if it fits. :) I use my A30 for workout gear sometimes, when it's rainy out (otherwise I use a LSB).

04-15-2016, 09:58 AM
What about one of the Skookum duffles, or the NFTD for your gym bag? Or for a splurge, the A30, if it fits. :) I use my A30 for workout gear sometimes, when it's rainy out (otherwise I use a LSB).

All good bags but unfortunately not what I was after as a gym bag. The Skookum and NFTD are (dare I say it) too complicated for the job I envisioned. I just wanted something I could throw all my gear into and drop into a locker. All those zippers, handles and features are going to get caught on latches, locks and other protuberances you might find in a locker. Something with a more vertical profile was what I was after. A totebag would be easier but they are not my style.

Hmmm, what rationale could I use to justify an empire builder ...

04-15-2016, 10:22 AM
I love backpacks. I have like 7-10 different backpacks. And now that I'm into TB, I can't stop looking and scheming what bag to get next.

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04-16-2016, 11:32 AM
I'm lucky enough to have several TB bags firing the travel, work, EDC and family/kids categories. But by far the most used (and I mean really by far) are our 5 shop bags (3 large, 2 small).

Other than for food shopping, they are in constant use for any situation where an extra bag is required. Beach, swimming, sports, cinema snacks, park etc.

The most used are the smaller ones. I'd almost say that small shop bags are an essential 2nd bag for all extras to your main EDC. You'll never regret it.

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04-16-2016, 03:27 PM
I think the best way to go is to get a new bag when you find something that fills a need none of the others do. If you already have a gym bag, think about something else you could use for a particular travel or commuting scenario. As @Perseffect says, the shop bags are an excellent choice. I do find myself using mine a lot, and usually for things other than shopping. On my last car trip I pulled all of them into service. It was just so quick to throw things inside them on the way out the door. Another interesting one is the Daylight Backpack, which is great for travel, since it can fit inside a larger bag but be pulled into operation to handle overflow on the way home, or be used as a day pack.

04-20-2016, 09:33 AM
I just received my first shop bag, and it's very versatile. On its first half day with us, it went on the school run twice, was laden with kids' library books and did some actual shopping. It's a large, and now I'm hankering to try the small size.

I don't go to the gym, but do swim, and find my packing cube backpack brilliant for that: it opens fully so that when you lay it down n the bench you can access the full length, and slips into a locker with acres of room to spare. I'd struggle to get my whole family of four's swim things in there, but for me it's perfect.

I can see how tempting it is to try something new; I wouldn't (and haven't) been able to resist :rolleyes:

04-24-2016, 09:14 PM
i ordered an aeronaut 45 which should arrive tomorrow...i'm thinking it could last me for years and years. hence i was willing to drop some coin...but now i'm seriously considering dropping money on an synapse and some accessories...this is bad #addiction

04-24-2016, 09:27 PM
I'm right there with you, zepfloyd! Got my Synapse 25 for my all-purpose EDC not too long ago, and now I'm on this website every day trying to look for the perfect travel combination. EVERY. DAY. There's an unnatural gravitational pull that Bihn products have, but the wallet is not ready...

04-24-2016, 09:32 PM
i don't even need a synapse! i have another backpack i've been using thats in great shape does what i need to do...yet the synapse just looks so tempting haha