View Full Version : What have you attached to your SA or Guide's Pack

05-15-2016, 01:18 PM
Hey all

I have a SA which I like but am wondering how strong the gatekeeper straps are and what I can attach to the bag. Post buying it I looked more into the Guide's Pack which I love the look of. Mainly due to the frame and and fixings to take heavier weight. It's got me thinking - how strong are the gatekeeper straps?

So my question is what have you attached recently to your SA or Guides Pack?

05-15-2016, 06:35 PM
I frequently attach an Outdoor Research stuff sack (35 liters, but bunched up) when I walk home from the grocery store. I mostly fill it with items like bread and and bags of chips which might get crushed inside the bag with heavier and denser items.

Fwiw, I really wish TB made something similar to match the bag w/r/t fabrics and webbing to line-up better with the straps.

05-16-2016, 11:49 AM
This past winter, I attached snowshoes to my SA using 2 gatekeeper straps. They are not particularly heavy and it worked quite well. As a matter of personal preference, I use the SA as a clean, sleek bag. I have an Upper Modular Pocket, which I use occasionally, but don't see myself getting a Lower Modular Pocket.