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08-19-2016, 03:13 PM
How do you use the built-in organizational features of the Synapse 25 (https://www.tombihn.com/products/synapse-25)? Do you use Packing Cubes, Organizer Pouches, Freudian Slips or other accessories to organize your Synapse 25? And if so, which ones? Post your organizational strategies, hacks, and advice for using the Synapse 25 here!

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08-19-2016, 05:29 PM
I've recently posted about how I used my Synapse 25 this summer as a travel bag (https://forums.tombihn.com/packing-lists-and-travel-tips/11092-synapse-25-kitted-summer-travel.html). Here's how I often use my bag closer to home.

When I venture out for a day of research, writing, and editing, I use both digital and analog tools and like to move around—from spot to spot in the library, and then over to a coffee shop for some editing work. I take the Synapse 25 because there’s room for a bunch of books and a jacket, and I’ve knocked together a Side Effect with some editing supplies so I can keep all my stuff within reach without taking up too much of a small café table.


Vertical Cache: 11” MacBook Air
Tall Yarn Stuff Sack: Headphones
Synapse 25 Freudian Slip: manila folders, paper, notebooks, Hobonichi Techo, power supply, Post-Its
Side Effect: Post-Its, pens, notepad, earbuds
Size 3 Travel Stuff Sack: jacket


Main compartment: Cache, S25 FS, Size 3 TSS
Front bottom pocket: SE
Water bottle pocket: Klean Kanteen
Small front pocket: hand sanitizer, advil
Side pocket: sunglasses
Side pocket: Klean Kanteen insulated travel cup



08-28-2016, 10:56 AM
Thank you for the wonderful links, Darcy and pictures, Badger!

In this post An engineer's Synapse 25 packing strategy, a tpnl says that a vertical size 1 Brain Cell fits into the bag!

Could anyone point me to or post a link to a picture featuring the BB, the S25 and the S19 together?

08-28-2016, 12:19 PM
I'm out and about but I will try to remember to snap a pic for you later today!

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08-28-2016, 11:50 PM
In this post An engineer's Synapse 25 packing strategy, a tpnl says that a vertical size 1 Brain Cell fits into the bag!

Indeed, @backpack, the S25 can hold a Size 1 Brain Cell (TB does not recommend it as it "just" makes the zippers but I have found it ok) ...

But, did you know it can hold 2 Brain Cells ??
Here are a few pictures of my EDC when I needed to carry 2 laptops:

My S25 sticking its tongue out at me - "I eat 2 Brain Cells for lunch!"...

Now its just opening its mouth ...

Here it is looking very satisfied saying - "Guess how many Brain Cells I have" ....

Here is all the TB accessories I find indispensable to use ...

Here is what I have packed into my 2 laptop EDC:

Main Compartment:
Size 1 Brain Cell (wonderful current parapack version) with 15.6” laptop (Lenovo T510)
Size 6Z Brain Cell (original 500d Cordura version) with 14” laptop (Dell E4550)
Blue letter size portfolio with ˝” thick papers
I can still fit a 3D Organizer Cube (3DOC) on top of the smaller Brain Cell

Middle Bottle Compartment:
Zojirushi 16 oz Thermos

Middle Front Compartment:
Business Cards
Misc. small items I need quick access to

Right Side Pocket:
3DOC (Iberian) with power supplies for laptops
Mini OP(Organizer Pouch) (Nordic) – ‘On the Go’ kit: Earphones, Bluetooth headset, Aspirin, 1 band aid, Transit Tokens
Mini OP (Sitka) – Laptop ‘accessories’ kit: Logitech T630 bluetooth mouse

Left Side Pocket:
Mini OP (Fjord) – ‘Survival Tool’ kit: Pocket knife, Firestarter, combination wrench, tape measure, lighter
Mini OP (Monarch) – “Backup Power” kit – backup battery/charger for phone, etc, multi adapter ca ble
Compact Camera in a Lowpro hardcase
AA Flashlight (Fenix LD15)
Screwdriver Pen

Bottom Pocket:
First Aid Kit
Smart Alec Lower Module Pocket with my lunch in it

I am really amazed that the S25 could hold 2 laptops in Brain Cell - no less!

Hope this helps!

08-28-2016, 11:55 PM
Could anyone point me to or post a link to a picture featuring the BB, the S25 and the S19 together?

Here is a comparison picture from @dorayme (with bonus TB Swift and vintage TB Rucksack if I am not mistaken):


Here is her post with some other excellent pictures:

Who says short people can't carry big bags? (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/6246-who-says-short-people-cant-carry-big-bags.html)

Hope this helps

08-30-2016, 07:58 AM
It took me such a long time to decide on this color; and I am so happy with the size. This is not a child's color red, but a mature adult red. Thank you Tom Bihn!

09-01-2016, 11:17 AM
o0o0o... A thread for great pics and "bag dumps"!

I consider this a light carry loadout. Lots of essentials with room to spare! When the temp drops and the clouds roll in (unlikely in SoCal, ha), a thin pullover and umbrella will be rotated in the daily loadout. When I need to carry more things, I implement more organizer pouches. For this light carry, the built-in organization of the Synapse is great!

Main compartment
13" MacBook 5,1 w/ neoprene sleeve
Document folder
iPad mini

Top zippered pocket
CANTEEN (ah, refreshing!)

Second top zippered pocket
Leashed small Cordura organizer with pills, bandaids, and a lighter (non-smoker, for my paracording needs, and for emergency)
Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It clip-on safety beacon attached to paracord zipper pull

Bottom ballast
Power adapter and other cables

Left ballast
Olight S2 Baton flashlight
Gerber suspension multitool
Kershaw Skyline folding knife
EMT shears (great for conquering clamshell packages!)
Spare carabiner
Zip ties...lots of zip ties!
Stick of deodorant... :D (JUST. IN. CASE.)

Right ballast
Eye glasses case
Writing tools
Bluetooth earphones
iPhone clip-on lens kit
Key strap for keys