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08-19-2016, 03:50 PM
How do you use the built-in organizational features of the Swift (https://www.tombihn.com/products/swift)? Do you use Yarn Stuff Sacks, Organizer Pouches, Travel Trays, Clear Quarter Cubes, Knitting Tool Pouches or other accessories for organization? And if so, which ones? Post your organizational strategies, hacks, and advice for using the Swift here!

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12-06-2016, 05:45 PM
I love the organizational options with the Swift. It's so customizable and I love being able to have everything at my fingertips without searching.
I use stuff sacks for my knitting projects. I have anywhere from 1 - 3 projects in my bag at any given time and I keep each one in a separate stuff sack - so far I don't have any in the same size that are the same color, so I always know by sight what I have in each one.
With the large clear pockets, one side is for knitting tools (stress relief gloves, measuring tape, tapestry needles, etc) and the other for non knitting things (phone charger, headphones, etc)
I have a mini clear organizer pouch for stitch markers and a clear pencil pouch for double pointed needles, crochet hooks, a hair fork, and other random small things. I also have a clear medium organizer pouch that I use as a pattern keeper (and sometimes I use my size 4 knitting tool pouch to hold patterns as well. I actually prefer this one for patterns when they're formatted in a way that will fit in it).
I keep my scissors inside one of the large pockets, attached by a key strap to an o-ring so they're always handy. (I'd like to add a pocket pouch to keep them in so they don't poke anything)

I also keep a travelon pouch (for lack of an appropriately sized TB pouch [emoji6] ) with hand salve, chap stick, nail clippers and file, etc. And, of course, always a book, in the main compartment. :)

I borrowed the idea from someone on here (I can't remember who!) to put plastic folders behind the clear pockets to help the bag stand up. It works beautifully!





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12-06-2016, 05:53 PM
Oh! I also like to put a water bottle in it when away from home... and if I am afraid it might fall over I use my 16" key strap attached to a side o-ring and wrapped around the bottle to keep it in place.

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