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08-19-2016, 04:13 PM
How do you use the built-in organizational features of the Tri-Star? Do you use Packing Cubes, the Freudian Slip, Cache or other accessories for organization? And if so, which ones? Post your organizational strategies, hacks, and advice for using the Tri-Star here!

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08-19-2016, 05:20 PM
I use the Tri-Star for professional meetings, conferences, job interview travel, and the like. Whenever I can, I try to build in some recreational time when I take work trips. The result is more fun but a bit more complicated packing-wise. With a bag-in-bag strategy and a multi-use packing cube, I can manage the two facets of my trip.


Back compartment:
Tri-Star/Western Flyer Packing Cube Backpack: pants, shirts x2, T-shirts x2, polo

Center compartment
Daylight Briefcase: Horizontal Cache with 11” MacBook Air
3D Mesh Organizer Cube: cables and chargers
3D Clear Organizer Cube: toiletries
Large Cordura Organizer Pouch: folders with papers, notepad, mini sketchbook, notebook


Front (split) compartment
Tri-Star Medium Packing Cube: underwear & socks x3, shorts, long sleeve shirt
Tri-Star Small Packing Cube: dress shoes (size 40)

Front pockets
Small Halcyon Organizer Pouch: lip balm, hand sanitizer, advil; snack bar; pens

Absolute Shoulder Strap
**Note the other random things sprinkled throughout


Here’s everything in the Tri-Star. The bottle pocket is bulging because I stuffed in a rain jacket at the last minute. The idea here is that once I’m at security, I remove the Daylight Briefcase to use as my under-seat bag.

And here’s the Daylight Briefcase set up for work, and the Packing Cube Backpack set up for exploring.


06-06-2017, 12:31 PM
Thought I would add this here, as it seems the best place for it.

Recently, I traded my Aeronaut 30 (black ballistic/Northwest Sky) for a Tri-Star (Steel/Iberian). The A30 was a great size but the difference in depth between it and the A45, and even the Night Flight Travel Duffel, made packing less fulfilling than the other two bags. I figured I could do what I want with the Tri-Star better than I could the A30. I love the A45 (I surprise myself how much I love it! :) ) but sometimes it's bigger than I want or need.

So, I got the Tri-Star and had my first opportunity to use it recently - a 5-day/4-night work trip.

I wore:
1 pair tan jeans
1 short-sleeve green wool tee
1 long-sleeve white button-up top with sleeves rolled
underwear, cami bra, socks, black shoes (only pair of shoes)

Back compartment (in Tri-Star/Western Flyer Packing Cube Backpack [original steel dyneema]) :
1 pair black pants
1 dark heather cardigan
1 long-sleeve white-gray stripped top
3 short-sleeve tops(white, gray, and yellow)
1 pair capris running leggings
1 nightgown
2 pair socks
2 undies
1 bra

Center Compartment:
Dell Latitude E6440 laptop in non-TB sleeve
charger and Bluetooth mouse in fabric 3D Organizer Cube (wasabi)
JBL Clip 2 speaker
3-1-1 in clear 3D Organizer Cube (wasabi)
rain jacket packed in Medium Organizer Pouch (forest)

Front Compartment:
Medium Café Bag Freudian Slip
Red First Aid Kit with assorted cables and misc stuff
Ikea slippers (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80319099/)

Front Pockets:
Top Pocket - Magellan's Flat Folding Travel Tray (https://www.magellans.com/itemdy00.aspx?T1=MLP457+BK) (didn't need to carry anything in the TB travel tray and this packed nicely in the front pocket) and TSA lock on a wasabi 8-inch O-ring strap (just in case)
Middle Pocket - No. 2 Travel Stuff Sack (wasabi) (just in case)
Bottom Pocket - Clif Bar
Water Bottle Pocket - Nothing on the way there; boarding passes on the way home

I packed the clothing with a mix of rolling and folding and it filled the entire PCBP evenly with no hills or mounds. I had to move things around between the center and front compartments, but got them evened out too. I arrived a day early, so was able to transfer all my work stuff into the PCBP. I used that as my work bag for the week. On the Friday, I repacked as above and used the Tri-Star as my work bag for the day before heading to the airport.

I traveled on United 737-900s in an aisle seat near the rear of the plane on all flights, boarding Group 4. The Tri-Star fit under the seat on all flights. As mentioned in other posts, when packed up, the Tri-Star can get fat but I managed to pack well enough that it did not bulge in the middle. It was sort of an all-over bulge. The aisle seats of the 737-900s are narrower because of the support system but the Tri-Star fit perfectly snug in the space. If it were any deeper (than 10 inches) or taller (than 13 inches), it would not have fit. And longer than 19 inches would have had my row mates tripping on it, as the rows were very close together. So, it worked out great!

Again, sorry for no photos. I'm lame that way. :)

ETA: Oops! Forgot to mention that I carried my Side Effect (black/UV). I used the backpack straps on the Tri-Star (though had an Absolute Strap in the center for the laptop to rest on) and carried the Side Effect cross-body.