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09-03-2016, 04:00 AM
Hello, hello all!

I'm new to the Tom Bihn community and have just bought a Synapse 19, 2 additional 8" key straps and 2 organizer wallets.

If possible, i'd like to keep my keys and organizer wallets clipped to my Synapse when I open my apartment/office doors and need to access the wallets in the grocery store, etc. (It seems like it would be a hassle to keep clipping and unclipping everything? But, I don't know? I like the idea that my keys and wallets will remain tethered to my backpack) Will the 8" key straps work well for this? Or, are these too short? Do I need to buy the 16" key straps? It also seems that if I buy the 16" key straps that these will be too long and make my EDC too much of a jumble?

Would LOVE any advice you might have.

09-03-2016, 05:14 AM
Welcome! I can't guarantee the 8" straps will be long enough but at least for me, they work for about 95% of what I do.

To access your keys/wallet most easily, I suggest you try clipping your wallet and keys into one of the side pockets. To access, swing the bag off one shoulder, and unzip the pocket.

To see what I mean check out these pics by GEOcycle: https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/4800-synapse-continues-surprise.html#post37294

ETA: When I do use the longer keystraps I can't say I've had trouble with tangling.

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09-03-2016, 07:00 AM
I keep my keys in the left side pocket and access them the way Badger described. I prefer a 16" strap (in a contrasting colour to the interior) for this, which I never unclip. I have stuff in the pen slots plus a mini Q-kit in that pocket, and the strap doesn't get tangled.

09-03-2016, 09:27 AM
I use an 8-inch strap in my Side Effect and a 16-inch strap in my work bag (currently a grey/navy Large Café Bag). Here is what I like/dislike about both, based on using them in the bags I mentioned.

8-inch strap
PRO: Tucks away nice and neatly and is easy to find and pull out with keys
CON: Doesn't always reach the lock, like when I'm holding something in the other hand or in my arms, such as grocery bags

16-inch strap
PRO: My keys always reach the lock
CON: Because of the length, the strap doesn't always tuck back in easily, and it can get caught up in other things when being pulled out.

09-03-2016, 02:29 PM
I have had the same experience as sujo with key straps. My EDC is either a swift or a little swift. In the past, I've also used a medium cafe bag.

I want my keys tethered permanently but also want them not tangled. I find the 16" can be too long and gets mixed up in other things. However this depends on where it is and what is with it. In the right situation - a deep space without other keystraps, it is fine.

Sorry not to provide a more definitive answer.

09-03-2016, 03:04 PM
The Utility Strap comes in 14" length and works for me because my keys already have a clip I use to attach to the strap. Not sure how much of a difference that 2" makes for not getting things caught but I like it.

09-05-2016, 05:42 PM
I find the 8" strap perfect particularly when using them in multiples in the bag. When traveling I'll sometimes use the 16" one if I want to attach an item that I plan to stow in the bottom of the main compartment of my S19 which I don't need frequent access to. I tried using multiple 16" straps on my first trip but it was overkill. So yes, my vote is for the shorter strap.

09-06-2016, 08:43 PM
Good question! While I don't have a Synapse, perhaps I can chime in with my experience using either a Small or a Large Cafe Bag as my EDC 'handbag'.

Several times daily I smile with gratitude to Mr. Tom Bihn for offering clever bags with O-rings and key straps! This occurs every time I reach into my cafe bag carried cross body, immediately find my house keys attached to the end of an 8" key strap, easily pull them out, unlock the door and stow them safely away again, all one handed and often while carrying shopping bags on one or both forearms or shoulders. I love not shifting my bag in order to access its contents (which is why I am devoted to cross-body, front carry), I love grabbing my keys without looking in the bag or needing to rummage, I love being able to use a key without unfastening the bunch or the keystrap, and perhaps most of all I love knowing where my keys are every single time that I need them! It is absolutely the perfect system for me. I experimented with a 16" keystrap but find that the 8" offers sufficient length for my door-opening exercise. I do keep my car key and front-gate remote on the same O-ring when inside my cafe bag, but they're now on a carabiner for quicker and easier attachment to/detachment from the O-ring.

I've experimented with attaching my wallet and the couple of mini/small pouches that I always carry to the Cafe Bags, but for my EDC this doesn't work well: while I need the length of the 16" keystraps to access the attachments, they do get in the way; and it's overkill for my EDC, both at home and where I usually travel.

However, on travel days I do attach two pouches to my LCB with 16" keystraps. One is a pencil case-size Clear Organizer Pouch that I use to transport and to store "other" and "extra" currency and cards, and the other is a Double Organizer Pouch that I use for travel documents, including passports. The OP for cash doesn't see the light of day when I'm travelling; it hides deep in the bag, its keystrap tether providing extra security. The DOP for travel documents lives in the front zippered pocket, and I try to access it in situ; but when that's not convenient, the keystrap helps ensure that I don't leave it behind or drop it!

09-07-2016, 07:40 PM
You guys are amazing! Thank you, thank you for weighing in. Very grateful.

09-09-2016, 05:16 AM
Why don't you try making a 16-inch strap out of your 2 8-inch straps and see if you like that length?