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09-06-2016, 08:39 PM
I am sure others have posted reviews of the DLBC, and I watched several videos, but still wonder how people organize it. Since I didn't see it here yet, I thought I would ask.

I was amazed how much I could fit in my A30 (first trip), which gave me hope to fit all my gear in one bag , including the laptop and business stuff. Even so, I need a small workday bag. And I think the DLBC would do that well and be a good seat back personal item - much better looking than the plastic bag that came with my water and snacks and lunch for the long flight.


I'm curious about the split pocket on the front. How big are the openings? Could the both fit medium sized organizer pouches?

Where do you stash your pens and reading glasses?

Do you think my 6z vertical pouch would be workable in the main section, albeit not ideal?

Someone here recommended the DLBC and DLBP when I was was considering a Pilot or Cadet. I thought the DLBC would be too small and I changed my thinking and ended up with an S25. It's great but too much for some trips. Long winded way to say sorry if it seems like I'm asking the same questions again, but 2 Bihn bags later the situation is completely different! I think you know what I mean. [emoji3]

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09-06-2016, 09:42 PM
I use my DLBC almost daily to carry a Mac laptop, charger, a folder with paperwork, pens, and a hard notebook (Leuchtturm). I use the long external zip pocket to hold pens and receipts and other little things. To be honest, I never use the split pocket, and I rarely use the slanted pocket along the outside. I'm curious how others organize these smaller pockets.

09-06-2016, 10:33 PM
Each of those split pockets can hold a fair amount. The medium pouch fits in either.

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09-07-2016, 12:04 AM
I use the Medium Freudian Slip of the Cafe bags in the lower shingled pocket and the Small FS in the upper pocket. My Jacket goes down to the bottom of the main compartment and my paper-notebook next to my water bottle on top of that.

In the front zipper pocket I carry a bar of dark shocolat, because!


ETA: I got carries away!! Ceepee kindly made me aware that I am talking about the wrong bag here :0 I am gabbling on about the Daylight Backpack, sorry!!

09-07-2016, 05:34 AM
I'm not sure about the 6z cache fit for you, but I do use the front pockets quite a bit. If traveling with an iPad mini or Kindle, I'll place that in the front slanted pocket. I use the split pocket for my wallet and phone on one side along with a pen or two. The other split pocket I'll use for mini pouches of stuff like earbuds, misc kit, a bag of tissues and the like (flat things). You can use a FS for the FJN in a split pocket if you want more organization for pens. That works pretty brilliantly.

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09-07-2016, 06:27 AM
I carry my DLBP nearly every day. The two items I find vitally important are my Double Organizing Pouch (small) that serves as my wallet and a Freudian Slip (either the medium or the small are my preferences). The pouch goes in the front slash pocket connected with a long key strap, and the FS sits in the main section of the bag.

I keep a Nock case for my pens that sits in the top shingled section of the bag. I also can fit my 13" HP laptop, although I don't have a TB case for it, so I can't speak to the 6Z cache.

I do also have mini pouches and a size 1 TSS that keeps a hold of my smaller items. I just migrate those organizing items from bag to bag very quickly if I want to change out.

09-07-2016, 06:28 AM
The 6Z cache does fit. When you zip the top you have to lift/straighten the DLBC fabric up over the corners. It's snug but once it's zipped you don't notice it. Do you alreay have the cache? Does the laptop fit in there with any room to spare? If so you should be good.

I should mention that fit is part of why I'm selling my DLBC on eBay -- the cache doesn't go onto my Dell Latitude E7450 laptop smoothly because of the laptop's grippy texture and slightly too-big 14" size. Really my fault for hoping it would fit, I didn't consider the texture.

09-07-2016, 09:52 AM
Thanks all for the quick responses.

I got the 6Z vertical cache for my work Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop, when I got the S25 (my first Bihn bag). I knew I wanted to eventually get a horizontal bag like the Pilot, Cadet, or DLBC, but figured I would rather have the right cache for the S25. The Lenovo is thin and slides easily enough in the 6z cache to give me confidence - hopefully just enough to work better than sara_atx.

I really see using this bag in two ways:

For work days - laptop in cache, small Q-kit with batteries/USB charger/cables, A5 sized notebook (~8.8 x 6 x 0.4"), reading/sunglasses, laptop charger and maybe a light jacket all in the main compartment. It's good to know a medium pouch would fit in the front - I have a double sided North Face pouch with first aid items on one side and non-medical aid items on the other (emergency cash and various cards.) Along with that, I will have a small organizer pouch with foreign coins/transit cards/etc in one half of the front pocket, and another small organizer with business cards plus my work ID and ear buds in the other side. I have a clear plastic envelope I use for receipts, maps, itineraries (~ 9 x 6") that will probably go into the back pocket. I think I will follow Ilkyway's advice: "In the front zipper pocket I carry a bar of dark shocolat, because!" I don't know that I want a FS just for a pen or two. I'm sure a FS would probably help consolidate some of those other pouches, but I think I'd rather have the extra room for a water bottle or umbrella in the main compartment if possible.

For travel days - I hope to stash the laptop and notebook in my A30, giving me a little more room for snacks, magazines, my Kindle Fire, and other small stuff I like to have handy on the flight and/or train. The work badge, first aid pouch and and coin pouch are also stashed away to make room for my phone/wallet on long flights. Maybe it's too big or bulky to hang from the seat-back like I've seen pics of with smaller bags, but it will be something just to have handy while the A30 is in the overhead bin.

It will be a stretch to fit it all in a DLBC (get it?), but I know many others here have done nearly the same. That experience shared here is much appreciated. One closing tidbit to share. I recently received a long awaited kickstarter delivery, the Dart, by FINsix. See Dart: The World's Smallest Laptop Adapter | FINsix (http://finsix.com/dart/). I waited over two years, but I'm quite happy with it. It provides 65W - enough for most laptops and includes a USB power port on the cable. It is very small!

Thanks again,

09-07-2016, 10:35 AM
One more thing - what color?

I think I prefer the Cordura on this bag even though I love the black Halcyon on my S25 and A30.

Black is maybe too predictable. Steel or Gray might be easy choices, but not available. Navy, Cocoa and Coyote would be wildcards - they don't match my other black bags but I see the individual appeal of each.

09-07-2016, 12:42 PM
@slbear ,

When I carry the DLBC I tend to throw a few pens into one of the divided pockets, but now that the Field Journal Notebook organizers exist, I sometimes use those, especially if I also have some notebooks, ink cartridges, pencil lead, etc. to carry. These inserts are much flatter than the Freudian Slips, so you might want to give them a look-see.

My DLBC is black and I'm happy enough with it; if I was picking from the current available color ways and I was not going to choose black, I'd probably go with Navy. It's a bright Navy but still business-appropriate, I think, and it looks good as a sidekick to black bags.

Thanks for the link to the Dart charger. Got myself on the waiting list for a Mac-compatible one—it looks great and I will be happy to only have one charger to carry. Hopefully I won't have to wait two years!

09-07-2016, 01:39 PM

If you are looking for neutral colors in Cordura, in addition to Black, Grey and Linen work very well. (I'm amazed the DLBC colors have been selling out so fast: Grey was still available yesterday!)
Linen is darker than it looks in the pictures.

I agree with @Badger that Navy also looks very good. I answered (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/8605-little-briefcase-can-fit-almost-anywhere-early-daylight-briefcase-review-post82647.html#post82647) a question by @jmoz about different colors of Navy (Cordura, Ballistic Nylon, and Parapack), when he was preparing to order a DLBC in Navy.


(The top two mini pouches are Navy Cordura, the small pouch beneath is Navy Ballistic Nylon, the Small Cafe Bag is Linen with a navy Parapack lining, and everything is lying on top of a Navy Ballistic Nylon bag; more pictures in the linked post).

@Badger is correct that the Field Journal Pocket inserts work great as mini Freudian Slips in the Daylight Briefcase. See my review of The new Black (Dark Grid) Halcyon Daylight Briefcase (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/11226-new-black-dark-grid-halcyon-daylight-briefcase.html). You can fit them into the split pockets (there's a link in the review to the way that @tpnl shows them in these split pockets), but you can also put them into the main compartment, hooked to an O-ring (e.g., I used a double Carabiner Clip). They're a great way of storing pens, and there's a zippered back pocket on the reverse side. I'm only using the Pen/Pencil FJN pocket insert in those pictures, but the FJN Pocket Pouch insert is great if you want to carry a large phone (e.g. the recent large iPhones, Samsung phones, etc.)


The split pockets can fit trade paperbacks, Kindles, or the iPad Mini in a case. They can also handle the A5 sized Nock Dot-Dash Spiral Pads (http://nockco.com/paper/dotdash-spiral-pad-2-pack). I'm thinking your A5 notebook is slightly taller, so it would probably have to go in the main compartment, because the stitching of the handles to the bag will prevent your putting something that nearly fills the width of the split front compartments from going all the way to the top.

You could store a light jacket in the back zippered compartment. Unlike the arrangement for the Pilot and other earlier bags with a straight outside pocket, the one on the Daylight Briefcase billows out. It's why I can store a Daylight Backpack or merino jersey (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/8605-little-briefcase-can-fit-almost-anywhere-early-daylight-briefcase-review-post82705.html#post82705) in that back pocket. (There's more discussion about this in the post just before that, and elsewhere in that thread. Of course you can just store regular flat notebooks and papers there, but this is another feature of the DLBC that is unique to this bag that I love -- along with the ease of accessing the zippers on the bag one handed, even while I'm carrying and walking along with the bag.)


Probaly too much information, but the above picture shows the FJN pen/pencil insert hooked to an O-ring and the Nock A5 notebook in the main compartment (as seen from the back of the bag). A Daylight Backpack folded in thirds is lying on top of the back zippered pocket. I could totatlly put the folded DLBP into that back zippered pocket, in addition to everything that I'm carrying inside the DLBC (laptop and all).

The front diagonal zippered pocket will hold devices up to the size of an iPad Air (I think that may have to be without a case, but with smart cover).

By the way, I think that @Ilkyway's post might really have been in reference to the Daylight Backpack (based on the description of where she inserts the Small and Medium Cafe Bag Freudian Slips). You can use the Cafe Bag Freudian Slips in the Daylight Briefcase, as @Mausermama noted, especially if you want to move these between other bags, but the FJN pocket inserts work great as even more minimalist Freudian Sliplets.

And, I've tried both horizontal and vertical caches in the DLBC. They fit, but because the cache doesn't have additional spare room at the sides of the bag as in the case with the caches for the 13" MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro, it won't slip in and out of the main compartment as effortlessly (i.e., it extends out to the top corners, so you may have to pop these back when you take out your cache).

This is really odd, because I just answered another question like this for someone wanting to use the DLBC with a Lenovo X1 Carbon last week!



ETA: For sunglasses/reading glasses I'm using a Côte & Ciel Eyewear Sleeve (http://www.coteetciel.com/en-US/shop/accessories?shape=0&color=0&device=97). This was suggested by @adalangdon in her post (http://forums.tombihn.com/questions-about-bags/9237-sunglasses-post93990.html#post93990) in the Sunglasses thread, where she showed this picture:
Last Chritstmas Côte & Ciel offered $15 off any order, so this pushed me over the edge to order. (Note: use the link I gave above if you want to view current availability of the eyewear sleeve -- the link in @adalangdon's original post won't work, since that version has sold out, and the site was reorganized.)

ETA2: On the subject of (thick) A5 (hardbound) notebooks, I thought I'd mention that the Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook A5 would not fit in the split pockets. Unlike the thinner Nock dot-dash notebooks that I show in those pockets, the Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook A5 (Medium) notebook (145 x 210 mm; 5.71" x 8.27") is 0.7" (17.8 mm) thick. You'd have to put it in the main compartment.

09-07-2016, 06:01 PM
In the front diagonal pocket I keep an iPad Mini.

In the front divided pocket I keep phone on one side and keys/TB wallet on the other side. I like that the keys are separate from the phone.

09-08-2016, 03:37 PM
Thanks all for the info and ideas. It is not too much information.

I said previously I would like Cordura, but when looking at the blues I question whether I wouldn't like the Nordic Halcyon just as well (or better than) the Navy Cordura. With a Black Halcyon S25 and A30, I have to say I love that fabric and it's stiffer than I expected - being more used to the thinner Dyneema's used in ultralight outdoor backpacks. As I was contemplating the Pilot originally I had decided I would get it in Ballistic fabric, but when I changed my mind to an S25, I picked Halcyon, which is by design more casual than the briefcases. So that translated to thinking I wanted Cordura on the DLBC to look more professional.

On a bag like the DLBC - what are the big picture tradeoffs to Cordura vs Halcyon. Does one pack down better (I heard some stuff it into the backpack strap compartment of an A30/45?) Does one look more professional than the other? Is one floppier if there isn't a large rigid item like a laptop in the main compartment?

Thanks again for all the feedback. It wouldn't be completely correct to say I'm stalling - I'm just still deciding whether to wait for a steel or gray to come back available, or pick between one of the blue versions available now. Cocoa is still a wildcard for me. I searched for a year for a good brown briefcase to match my brown wheelie - so I need to keep reminding myself the wheelie has been retired by the new A30.