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11-08-2016, 12:31 PM
Hey TB Family,

This is my first post! My wife and I own SA and S25 backpacks respectively, but recently, we received our PU from our shower registry! Beyond being crazily excited to have another awesome TB bag, I was wondering if anyone in the community had ideas for other organization strategies/ suggestions for the PU. Have any of you had success or ease with using packing cubes, organizing pouches or stuff sacks for additional ease?

We're first time parents, so we're totally green when it comes to what provides ease, but we also want to make sure to add items for people who are still asking about buying gifts (my ideal registry would just be all TB products :o ).

Just thought I'd reach out. If nothing more, I'm excited to hear from the community about their PUs!

Thank you all,
Mark (and Caitlin)

11-08-2016, 04:56 PM
Congratulations on the impending arrival! I don't have a PU (and my kids are millennials so it's been ages since I've used a diaper bag), but I recalled reading some packing lists for it on here so thought I'd chime in, particularly if folks are tuned into the election coverage and not checking the forum.

Here are some links with some suggestions for using the PU and the first link was from earlier this year so fairly recent:

Diaper Bags: What's In Yours? (http://corporettemoms.com/diaper-bags-whats-in-yours/)

11-10-2016, 05:50 PM
Hi! I bought a parental unit in Black halcyon/up quite a few months ago--and it has become my edc with kids ever since. My kids are a little older, closing in on 5 and 3.5, but we still need to carry water bottles,snacks, wipes, a diaper or two in the main compartment, a small yarn stuff sack with my knitting, and there is still usually room to add more in like a couple knit hats and scarf. The side zips hold hand sanitizer, my wallet (I'm using a midori passport right now), sunglasses and glasses, and other random things we use day to day. All the zippered pockets are wonderful for keeping things in their place and organized. It has so much built in organization that I only use two pouches--one small and one medium. The small holds bandaids, neosporine spray and other similar things,and the medium holds my post gym makeup.

I did get the absolute strap for my bag and don't regret it. It gets heavy with the water bottles. I think you will love the bag and how it grows with you and your child :)

11-21-2016, 01:46 PM
Thank you both for your responses! We pretty much have decided, thanks to reading the other posts and your suggestions, that we'll just put an assortment of organizational bags on our registry and hope for/ use what we get. As owners of two other TB backpacks, we figure they'll have a lifetime of cross-purpose use!

I did get the absolute strap for my bag and don't regret it. It gets heavy with the water bottles. I think you will love the bag and how it grows with you and your child :)

That sounds like a good addition. The included strap seems great, but I imagine once the bag is loaded down with creams, milk, snacks, dirty diapers, etc, we'll appreciate the extra comfort with all that extra weight.

11-28-2016, 05:44 AM
Get plenty of straps! :) I find that the small clear organiser pouches fit nicely in the in small outer zip pockets but the clear material tends to whiten with time and use. The halcyon organiser pouches eliminate that concern. Get different coloured pouches. For example, I keep a few first aid things in a zest pouch which is then tethered inside the rear outer pocket. Though if I switch bags or happen to keep the pouch in a different place in my PU, I always know what's in it because of the colour and type of pouch. I don't rely on colour coded straps, as my cubes/pouches all have assigned areas in each bag, but you may find matching the straps to the bags is helpful.

I have a double organiser pouch for little bibs and bobs. It fits in either end pocket of the side compartments. A little Q-kit is handy to clip onto the outside triangular hook. I have a 3D mesh organiser cube and the neat thing about that cube is that there's a hook just inside the flap that can be folded out and hung nearby to facilitate getting things out of the bag one handed. I keep that one in the middle pocket of the side section. I like that the end points of the middle section are a bit tall too, to allow for thermoses, small bottles, etc.

I don't use stuff sacks very often with this bag, as the pouches and cubes cover all my bases. The PU (I call it the Pawrental Unit, as my children are pups) is a really great bag! Enjoy! :D