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03-17-2017, 02:11 PM
I'm considering the A30PCBP. Are there any photos of it shown in the A30? Does the top part (that looks like the Packing Cube Backpack) have to be tucked inside the larger A30PCBP compartment when it's in Packing cube mode? The Halcyon Island color is calling me.

I've been happy with the Daylight Backpack in combination with the regular Packing Cube Backpack. The Side Kick is eager to jump in, with it's excellent built in organizational features. However, I'm still curious about the A30PCBP. Any photos would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! elisa

03-17-2017, 02:55 PM

take a look at the pictures in the Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack on a 6,5" person (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/11740-aeronaut-30-packing-cube-backpack-6-5-person.html) thread. You can pack these into your Aeronaut either tucking in the top part inverted inside the cube, like the original Aeronaut PCBPs, or you can leave the two section as they are worn (not inverted), and packed with the hinged connection between top and bottom.

There are also good pictures showing relative sizes of the top portion compared to other TB accessories.



03-18-2017, 03:10 AM
Greetings Moriond,
That's just what I needed. Thank you! elisa