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04-26-2017, 04:54 PM
I have been knocking around on the forums and chewing on which bag will fit my needs for weeks now. I have decided that the Western Flyer will be great fit for me and need some help, please, with organization. I am sure that I will find many uses for my WF but am thinking now about how to deploy it as a cabin bag/personal item with my 21" roller bag on trips of 10 days or more. My main concerns are that I can readily find things and access them en route (trains, planes, automobiles and hotel lobbies).

I carry a couple of letter size folders holding travel docs for our family (approx. 20-30 pages total), a book and a kindle, phone charger and portable battery pack, keys on a key strap, a couple of snacks, a quart size bag with my liquids, a packing cube shoulder bag with my other toiletries(already own this), a small/mid stuff sack holding a scarf and puffer vest(I have two stuff sacks), a small pillow, socks and undies (need something to corral these), a couple of pens, gum, tissues and a few other bits and bobs. My first question is how to pack my folders with travel docs so that I can access them easily. A freudian slip seems like it might fit the bill but where to put it in the bag? Is there a way to attach it or keep it in place? Also, which size FS as I don't see one listed that indicates a fit for the WF? Second, any adice on how to organize the other misc. items? I am expecting some trial and error but am wondering if there are some items that you guys deem essential? I would like to try to get it all in one order to minimize shipping costs.

04-26-2017, 05:52 PM
A FS may work, but I actually recommend a clear or Halcyon organizer pouch for 20-30 pages of paper. Large ones hold paper without folding. Medium do great with folder sheets or smaller paper.

I also love the double organizer pouch. I put pens in the front clear section and hold gum, a key, receipts and more in the back section. Always on a key strap.

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