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08-02-2017, 09:25 PM

Will a 3D Organizer Cube comfortably fit into one of the front side pockets (next to the middle water bottle pocket) of a Co-Pilot? Thank you!

08-02-2017, 10:10 PM

Will a 3D Organizer Cube comfortably fit into one of the front side pockets (next to the middle water bottle pocket) of a Co-Pilot? Thank you!

Hi @pso78,

Yes, a 3D Organizer Cube will fit comfortably into one of the front side pockets (and also fit into the back compartment pockets, which can take slightly wider accessories).

It's probably easiest to point you to a picture and post that discusses what fits into the Co-Pilot. Here's @bchaplin's Pilot and Co-Pilot (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/7228-pilot-co-pilot.html) thread that shows what the Co-Pilot can hold:


I'll excerpt a bit of text to indicate that the 3D Clear Organizer Pouch fits into one of the side pockets, but you can read more discussion in that thread:

I wanted to show how much can fit into the Co-Pilot and the Pilot, both of which I have. I've mentioned before that these bags are great for the crowded Boston subway. I can pull my things in and out, one-handed, while the other hand is grasping a pole or straphanger. And unlike with a backpack, I can keep an eye on my things, while I'm texting or reading or watching the crazy guy across the aisle talk to himself. The Co-Pilot had already supplanted my other bags for every day use, and when the Pilot came out, I was thrilled that I could carry the extra things I need on certain days. I'm a big fan of having one bag only, and I'd rather spend a few minutes transferring my things from one to another rather than be one of those people who is walking around with five bags hanging off them.

The Co-Pilot can fit quite a lot. Here is a picture of what I typically carry in it. Some things (such as my sanitizer, and a second flashlight), have been left out of the picture.


RIGHT POCKET (left of photo): 3D clear organizer cube with Swiss Army Knife, tissues, and some first aid items. Key ring.
MIDDLE POCKET: Umbrella and flashlight. It is a super-bright flashlight with crenellated edges. I hope I never have to use it, but the idea is that if you shine it in someone's face at night they would be momentarily blinded and disoriented, and give me the chance to run. This is a pretty hefty-sized flashlight, but it still fits next to the umbrella. A thermos could fit in this pocket instead. Or, sometimes, I put my gloves and scarf in there.
LEFT POCKET (right of photo): Snacks, including the world's best yogurt. Pens. Pocket pouch with my work ID and transit pass.
BACK MAIN COMPARTMENT: ipad Mini in case, Jottbook journal, microfiber wipes, and Side Effect, which has my wallet and other necessities.
The iPhone moves around. It's usually in my pocket, but it can fit almost anywhere in the Co-Pilot.

There's more discussion, and there are other threads I could have used. This is a nice thread with an early review by someone who is a fan of both Co-Pilot and Pilot, that shows comparison packing lists with pictures.

Also, I'd add that previous threads discuss using a Small Snake Charmer in place of a 3D Organizer Cube, because it can swell to about twice the depth. But one of the nice features of the 3D Organizer Cubes (in Clear, Mesh, or Fabric versions) is that they so neatly fit into many bag pockets. If you put many of these together (e.g., into the back pocket of the Co-Pilot, with other accessories), it may be handy to get a Handle Loop that can be used to pull out the 3DOCs or to carry them wristlet fashion.



08-03-2017, 07:43 AM
Thank you, moriond. Very helpful! :)