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London Eye
10-22-2017, 03:05 AM
Greetings from London!
Please could I ask for advice?

I'm considering a MB for the versatility of using it for work to carry work laptop, plus as a casual bag to carry a water bottle, book umbrella etc.

I'd like the Halcyon version as it's lighter but not sure of the colours:
- Black/ wasabi - love wasabi but worried that that the black will make it look like a boring office laptop case
- Nordic / UV - not sure about the blue. I don't wear much blue. I'm more of a red, purple, orange, bright green person
- Original / UV - again not sure.

The problem would be solved if the MB was in Mars Red or any of the other new bright colours.
Or if there was another choice for the Halcyon 400, which is bright - e.g Iberian or Monarch!

I did consider the new Stowaway but I think this is more of a work or travel bag rather than casual? But it has the advantages of having zips.

I would love to hear your views.
Thank you.

10-22-2017, 05:17 AM
If you are unsure about the colour and you are in the UK, it would be a good idea to email TB customer service and ask them for colour swatches in the colors you're interested in. I love blue and most of my TB stuff is blue or blue-green, but I just don't like Nordic and I swapped the one Nordic item I bought. It is a purple blue rather than a navy and I find it really bright. But maybe you will love it!

While you're emailing them anyway you could ask if there are any plans to make it in Mars Red or any other colors you're interested in.

Hope this helps.

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London Eye
10-22-2017, 05:52 AM
Thank you Cristina

10-22-2017, 07:12 AM
I don’t have the MB but it looks a bit big and unstructured for what you’d carry. Have you looked at the pilot? It has zippers, a dedicated spot for the umbrella and comes in more colors - burnt orange in production.

10-22-2017, 01:52 PM
Hi from Warrington [emoji846]

I was unsure about original halcyon as well but I fell in love with it when I saw it in person. I think it's smart casual - good for all but the most formal of workplaces. I didn't love wasabi at first but I now appreciate the light colour as it makes it easy to find stuff in my bag. I do love UV for accessories though, it is super zingy.

Halcyon is indeed lighter than ballistic but I'm not sure you'll notice much of a difference once you load it up with laptop etc. Halcyon can be a bit floppy compared to ballistic but it has a teeny bit of stretch to it which helps when you have to cram in just one more thing! They are both great.

I think the black halcyon is not half as interesting as the original but it is good for those with a more formal workplace. It is less matt and slightly shiny but not in an OTT way. More stealth if you know what I mean.

I like the blue halcyon for small bags like the side effect or PCSB, it is a beautiful vivid blue. It's bright with a slightly shiny texture.

+1 on giving consideration to the Pilot as well. I had a Maker's and sold it on eBay in favour of a Pilot as I liked the compartmentalisation.

Go with whatever colour makes your heart zing, if you love the bag it doesn't matter whether it matches your outfit!

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10-25-2017, 06:17 PM
Hi, @London Eye. Following up on this post and a message you sent, I did a little photo shoot. I'll excerpt the load you described:

For work:
- Laptop - no charger as I leave this at home
- SE (halcyon) - with small purse and other small items . . . I use this typically if go out at lunchtime.
- 3DOC (halcyon) - personal items
- a couple of OPs - containing ear buds, pens etc
- cardigan

Here's my approximation of your work carry. The laptop is a 13" MacBook Pro, newer generation, with a fairly beefy case. Sorry all the photos are a little dark; no natural light left:


This will fit into the Pilot easily. I like the Pilot as a work EDC (though I can't handle that much weight on my shoulders these days, and don't routinely carry a laptop, so I now only use mine for increasingly rare long-haul work trips). The big advantage of the Pilot to me is that it has a centered carry handle which lets me trade off carrying it by hand. Also, it zippers up so it's completely rainproof. Finally, I like the open back panel on the Pilot; when I'm traveling it lets me tuck in a boarding pass without having to open the main compartments. Disadvantages: it looks like briefcase, or luggage. And without a laptop inside, the top part 'droops' a little. IMO, not something you want to carry on the weekend.

Here the laptop, cardigan and 3DOC are in the back compartment, the 2 organizer pouches in one front pocket, and the Side Effect in the other front pocket. The water bottle pocket is empty and could accommodate an umbrella.


and here is an exaggerated view showing where everything is:


And the Maker's Bag, in black ballistic, which also will easily accommodate this load. I like the aesthetic of the Maker's Bag over the Pilot, but after personally traveling with it, feel that it's a little less functional as a laptop/work bag. For me, though, it's all about my shoulders: because it can't be easily held by the top handle, due to it being off-center, the MB always has to be worn as a shoulder bag. I find it can get a bit uncomfortable for that reason, particularly with a heavy load. Other forum members, however, feel differently; I think this is a very individual preference.

Advantages: The MB is a lighter bag overall than the Pilot, and the fact that you can open it and see everything at once is nice. I love the clever internal pockets. I still carry mine when I need that much space, but pack it lightly, and then I find it's a great commuter bag for me. It's terrific when I want to go shopping after work for a few things, because there is always a little extra space for this or that. And though the Maker's Bag is large, it is IMO more versatile than the Pilot due to its messenger bag appearance.


and closed:


Finally, a note about colors. I would recommend getting a fabric swatch of Nordic before ordering it. It's a mercurial color. I like it, but it's bright, particularly in the sun; more of a purplish than navy. Of the two available Halcyon colors, black and Nordic, the Nordic also seems to be shinier and the black more matte. I'd also recommend writing to Tom Bihn customer service for an estimate on when a new batch of Maker's Bags with more selection will be released.

I will follow up with a second post.

10-25-2017, 06:26 PM
And here is the casual carry @London Eye described:

For home if out walking / shopping
- water bottle
- SE (halcyon)
- iPhone Plus
- Shop bag - for any purchases
- occasional umbrella

My approximation (with a much smaller iPhone SE, but it shouldn't make too much of a difference here):


Of course, this fits easily into the Maker's Bag, and is comfortable to carry. The water bottle is in one internal side pocket and the umbrella in the other.


Hope that helps! I posted here rather than PM'ing you so that others can add their ideas. If I was placing an overseas order, I might add a lighter bag, such as a Medium Cafe Bag, that would handle (at least most of) these items for when you prefer something smaller.

London Eye
10-28-2017, 03:03 AM
Thank you so much for taking the trouble to answer my questions.
Your photos are fab and have answered my questions.

I can know see that the Pilot is a great travel / work bag but I wanted a more flexible bag, which has a casual look. I love the outside pocket of the Pilot – it’s a shame that the MB has got one.

Happy days - I know now that the MB is more suited for my needs and I’ll wait patiently for the new brighter colours to be introduced.

:D :rainbow: