View Full Version : Smart Alec - Lower Mod Pack - Reducing the bulge

12-21-2017, 12:00 PM
i didn't see this anywhere, but could be mistaken.

with the lower mod pack stuffed, i feel extra "in the way" a lot and tried this out for 3 weeks now with great results.

i used the exact same rigging set up the original came with, then attached the mod pack.

if you don't want to cinch it down or want the bungee completely out of the way, pull the top part by the "X" where the cords cross over the top, and the bottom "X" under and they disappear - kind of the best of both as i don't like to attach and detach the mod packs at all....

apologies if this is already out there, but i thought it would be helpful to reshare if so as it has helped me a lot!

i'm having issues with the pic upload...should be coming soon, but it's probably not needed... ;))

12-22-2017, 05:12 AM
Why didn't I ever think of that? Great idea! And when I use my LMP, it's usually for things like gloves and scarves, so it's squishable to begin with. Add the fact that I have an original Dyneema setup, this will work perfectly - thanks!