View Full Version : Problem Picking a Id or a Brian Bag.

05-07-2008, 10:57 AM

I am debating about purchasing an Id or a Brain Bag. I like the messenger for all the pockets and the messenger sort of thing going on. But I like the Brain bag for the amount of space. The Brian Bag with a vertical slip is what I am looking at.

I now have a messenger type of bag. I like holding it on one shoulder. I would be open to a brain bag if it is a comfortable haul on one shoulder. I probably wouldn't use it with both straps. Is the Brain Bag comfortable holding it over one shoulder? Any other comments?

Many thanks...

05-07-2008, 12:24 PM
Hi there!

I think the Brain Bag is not a good choice for (more than occasional, fleeting, emergency) one-shoulder use. It is *excellent* for two-shoulder use, but if you anticipate / prefer use as a sling-bag, I think the Id would suit you better.

Why? Because the Brain bag, when well loaded, becomes a pretty rectilinear package (much more than it looks when unloaded or barely loaded). And that's great, from a stuff-per-ounce-of-enclosure viewpoint, but it means that there's a definite best side to contact your back, and that's the nicely padded panel you're against when carrying it conventionally.

However, if you want the capacity of the Brain Bag, what about the SuperEgo? It's not 36 Liters, but it's large (27 liters), esp. compared to the Id (20.9 liters). However, it's also *large* in the "gee, that is a large bag" sense, so perhaps the Id is a better match for your body (no idea!). I think I like the *look* of the Id better (pretty neutral between them, actually), but just ordered a Super Ego for the size.