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03-29-2018, 08:03 AM

One of the only Tom Bihn products I own is a Laundry Stuff Sack in Large - it's been amazing so far! I'm very very close to getting a Synapse 25 and I'm curious about how the Laundry Stuff Sack fits in it.

The Large Laundry Stuff Sack is too tall for any of my other backpacks when I store it vertically - can the Synapse 25 fit it like this? I'm also considering keeping it in the bottom outside pocket, but I'm almost certain it's too big for that pocket. Does the Small Laundry Stuff Sack fit in that pocket?


03-29-2018, 09:12 AM
The Aeronaut 30 Travel Laundry Stuff Sack does fit inside the Synapse 25. It fits nearly perfectly in the chin pocket, and is exactly the reason I chose the A30 TLSS over the A45 TLSS. Various sizes of the new laundry packing cubes (https://blog.tombihn.com/new-packing-cubes) should fit very nicely if you prefer to put your clothing in the main compartment; the Eagle Creek Specter Clean/Dirty Packing Cubes work great as well.

Check out this thread to see the A30 TLSS in the S25. https://forums.tombihn.com/questions-about-bags/12363-size-laundry-stuff-sack-synapse-25-a.html

03-29-2018, 10:29 AM
Thanks! Sorry I missed that post in my original search.