View Full Version : Synaple Light Strap - What I Did With Mine

04-30-2018, 02:43 PM
Two things were bothering me with my new Synapse 25.

1.The small strap used to mount a guardian light - I hate seeing things like that go unused
2.In other packs I have had in the past I had places to store wet stuff (mainly jackets and umbrellas). I wanted some external wet storage capability for my synapse.

Here is what I did. I bought a 1.5 inch to 1 inch reducer (don't want to deal with 1.5 inch webbing), cut a slot in it to mount it to the pack, and ran some 1 inch webbing with a slide stop buckle. The strap will likely stay in the pack until needed. It works well with a jacket. The umbrella is a pain because it is so small. I'll have to see if I like using this in real world situations.