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08-02-2018, 08:06 AM
For those considering a Synapse 25 (https://www.tombihn.com/products/synapse-25) for the new (2018) generation of Razer Blade 15.6" laptops, it's a great fit. I'm using the 15C Cache (https://www.tombihn.com/products/cache) and it fits perfectly.

My one complaint was that the bottom of the Synapse isn't as padded as I would like for a pricey gaming/performance laptop. Much to my delight, however, my wife noticed that the foam insert that protects the Blade in its box is the exact dimensions of the bottom of the Synapse. It's way too tall, as is, but the foam is conveniently layered. She simply split one of the layers, where it peeled apart easily, and placed the extra layer of padding at the bottom. It fits like it was made for it.

In terms of organization, I put a large Snake Charmer (https://www.tombihn.com/products/snake-charmer) in the bottom for the power brick and for international travel adapters. One side pocket has a small Q-Kit (https://www.tombihn.com/products/q-kit) (great recommendation from the forums here). I had planned on putting another Q-Kit in the other side pocket, but I wanted more organization. It turns out, this organizer (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DPD5PCG) is a perfect fit. I attached it with an 8" key strap (https://www.tombihn.com/products/key-straps), as ya do.

Thanks for all of the help in putting together my bag. Now if only there had been a Guide Edition available :D.

08-02-2018, 11:06 AM
I did something like this with the middle compartment of my Tristar. I cut a piece of foam to the size of the bottom of the bag. Now I can put my laptop bare into a daylight briefcase and then straight into the middle compartment.

A little bit of foam padding can really help in your bag for extra protection.

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