View Full Version : A45 under the seat

09-05-2018, 04:39 AM
I just flew to Europe and had an interesting experience while traveling with my A45... After landing in Frankfurt I was on the standby list for a connecting flight to Berlin. Unfortunately, the flight was booked and it seemed like I would not make it.

Shortly before departure, two passengers had still not shown up and Lufthansa gave me one of those seats. Yay! So I was one of the last two people to board and for the first time ever faced the problem of no space in the overhead bins, not even for my A45. The flight attendant said to just slide it under the front seat. I was under the impression that the A45 is way too big to fit under the seat, but I tried it and it slid right under. It did stick out a bit, so I am not sure that I would try to do this all the time. But for my hour-long flight it worked just great and the flight attendants were ok with it. No way I could have done this with a rolling bag. Just for reference, this was on a Lufthansa Airbus A321.

Just wanted to share my little A45 success story. Sorry that there are no pics.