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07-21-2008, 07:59 PM
I bought a Buzz two years ago (first generation) for college and have used it for 4 semesters almost exclusively. I figured it may help some perspective buyers if I shared my experience. :cool:

I originally bought the bag because it was the nicest one I could find that was designed to hold a small laptop.

I used the backpack to carry my laptop (Dell Latitude X1, 12" screen, 2.5 lbs), 1-3 spiral notebooks or textbooks, pencils/pens, small laptop mouse, mp3 player up front, small nalgene, and whatever other little things I needed.

The bag was comfortable to use as long as I did not fill it up too much and it was not too hot outside. These are problems with most bags so I won't bother elaborating.

Good. Very very very good. The bag is functioning like new and aside from a bit of gum that got on the bottom, it looks great. The fabric is not tearing anywhere and it doesn't look like it will. This is much better than any other book bag I have ever used in school.
At one point one of the zipper lanyards fell off somehow. I sent an email in to Tom Bihn and they sent me replacement parts for free. Awesome customer service.

-Bottom of laptop section not padded. I dropped the bag once and cracked part of the screen and crushed a corner of my laptop. After that I started sticking in foam egg-carton style padding along the bottom.
-Notebooks did not fit easily into the bag. I had to turn them and wiggle them to get the zipper over smoothly.

-Ideal bag if you are going to carry a small laptop and a small book or magazine plus a bit of food or accessories. And you're a guy. Can't say if it will work for the ladies out there.
-Pretty nicely organized

Other comments:
-I was able to run at a full sprint comfortably by pulling the strap down opposite my shoulder. The bag would hug my back and not bounce around. An appreciated feature when trying to catch the bus.

I will be looking for something slightly bigger and generalized for school use. Many times I decided to leave my laptop behind because it didnt fit or the bag would be uncomfortably heavy. Also, this bag is specialized--I could not use it to carry much of anything except note/text/reading books and a laptop, ie flat things.
However, it is the most durable bag ive ever used and it does work well for school/laptop carry.

Note: Will update if I remember something

BJ Nemeth
07-25-2008, 11:47 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the Buzz been redesigned to be slightly bigger, in order to accommodate the 13" MacBook and the 15" MacBook Pro? If that's the case, wouldn't that address one of your criticisms, about fitting notebooks in the bag?

That redesign wouldn't help you, of course, but it would affect anyone who is thinking about buying a Buzz now.