View Full Version : Western Flyer and Aeronaute strong enought for checked luggage on plane and Amtrack?

07-22-2008, 11:32 AM
I will be taking my Brain Bag and either my Large Cafe Bag or a Swift as personal item.

I need a lot more than those two so I was thinking of checking an Aeronaute and a Western flyer.

Are they going to withstand Amtrak handling?

07-22-2008, 05:41 PM
I don't think the construction of either the Aeronaut or the Western Flyer is going to be a problem on Amtrak - they're built like tanks. What I'd be more concerned with are the contents of both bags. If you're not packing clothes and shoes, I'd consider this:

Amtrak tosses bags into bins much like the airlines. Mostly, the lighter/smaller bags end up at the top of the pile, but sometimes not - if you pack anything breakable, kiss it goodbye. It's not like it's only a short trip (I'm assuming you're taking one of the longer trips if you're taking that much baggage), where it only has to be jostled for a few hours. It could be days in the baggage car with someone's old heavy Pullman slapping against it top/sides/bottom.

So, I wouldn't worry about the bags - they'd survive a trip to the Moon - but really think about your packing plan. Put non-breakables in them if you check them - and put your clothes inside in plastic bags! I speak from experience - On an Amtrak to Detroit, someone's bag in the baggage car had perfume in it, it broke, and voila! I still have a canvas-fabric military duffle which reeks of some expensive French stuff I detest 30 years later... (my dad's duffle or I wouldn't have kept it).

FYI: Packing cubes for both bags are wonderful. Get them and you'll never regret it! The Convertible cube (fits in the end pocket of the Aeronaut) makes a nice daybag if you don't haul a lot. It also fits in the Swift and makes a camera near invisible unless you have it out. You can even attach it to the Swift's rings with a short or long lanyard. Get the Absolute Shoulder Strap, too - it's the best strap there is.

So buy your bags and forget about wearing them out - they might outlive you!