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12-12-2018, 02:33 PM
Hey all,

Bought a S19 due to the general consensus of 'if you're under 5' 6, go with S19, over that then S25!' well I love it but I find the S19 is very limited in what it can do for me due to the lack of space. It's a perfect EDC, but I want it to be my travel bag too and it's just too small for that capability.

I would love to buy a S25, but one thing putting me off is that it might be too big for me. I personally don't care about how it looks on me, I've worn ridiculous bags that made me look like a turtle. But what I am worried about is how it carries on my back, and if it might be too uncomfortable to wear due to the short back I have.

Does anyone around my height have this issue? Is it too uncomfortable, the straps included?

If anyone has the internal frame, does this help the issue or does the frame fit make you even more uncomfortable?

Thanks for answering!

12-12-2018, 04:05 PM
I'm 5' 4" and find that the height of the S25 is too tall for me. I have the S19 and also the SmartAlec (which is 18.5")...anything taller doesn't sit right on me for EDC. I don't care about the looks so much as the comfort.
With that being said, I do carry the taller A30 and A45 in backpack mode whilst moving through airports, but it's not ideal and I'd not buy a pure backpack that is that tall...
Since you are in the UK, perhaps you can find a local S25 Bihnion to meet up with and try one on... and also if anyone has a SmartAlec which is 26L (they come up for sale on eBay)
The BrainBag at 36L may be more than you want or need, but it's 18" tall but wider than the S19 and SA.

Try to get a friend to measure your torso length, to get a better idea of what size you should be looking for.
Here's one way to do it:

12-12-2018, 04:10 PM
I'm of dinky stature myself. It is true that the Synapse 25 is not ideal for shorties, but it's not terrible. Mine falls to my upper buttular area. The internal frame helps with this quite a bit. If you do decide on the Synapse 25, the internal frame is a must. It really evens out the load. The straps are not uncomfortable at all.

12-12-2018, 04:22 PM
So, I am a short person only 5 foot tall and petite. I generally thought that the s25 would be a perfect travel bag for me. The frame sheet is a must. It was great capacity wise, but too long for my small frame. I switched to the s19, also needs the frame sheet, perfect length, capacity wasn’t quite enough. I now use a smart alec which is my Goldilocks “just right”. As much as I do love the synapses, I feel like I lost a lot of potential space for more organized organization. I decided to organize via cubes and pouches and go for the more cavernous approach in a bag. It’s much easier to “live out of” at your destination, but the synapse is better to wear in actual travel/transit.

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12-13-2018, 03:04 PM
Thanks all!

I've had the Osprey Escapist 25, which seems to be the same measurement as the tom bihn, and I used that for my first onebagging trip and had no problems that I recall, but it did have a lot more adjustment options. I do also have the Fairview 40 which is 53cm, 3 more cm than the synapse and I did feel it was a bit more bulkier but perhaps that's due to its 40L capacity?

Who knew a few cm could make such the difference! I am still on the edge but I will definitely get a frame for the S25 if I were to get it. Sadly the synapse is the only aesthetically pleasing backpack compared to the brain bag and smart alec.

Would using the Osprey Escapist and finding that okay be enough to see if I can handle the Synapse 25? I am definitely not going on any hikes but it will be my primary carry on bag for trips, and I could always use my side effect

12-30-2018, 07:18 PM
I'm 5ft, short torso. Brought the S25 to Shanghai for 2 weeks, with an SK. Had the hip belt as well. At that time, no internal frame yet. I bought the internal frame and used it for another trip to Taipei. It's my one bag carry.

I think my height is the limit of how short you can go with the hip belt, just just barely fits. Without hip belt, I don't think it matters that much. Just a big back on a small person.

I used the bag as an EDC one day walking around the city. It's ok. Manageable. But I have to say I like SA better than S25.https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20181231/26d801fb7f834c719472ca0d839685ce.jpg

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01-06-2019, 07:34 PM
you know the question is never "what bag should i get" the real questions is "what do i want my bag to do for me" the S19 is a great bag for EDC if your load is not crazy and perhaps some people travel with it a little but the S25 with 25L can actually travel really well if you don't carry a lot of tech gear. I get enough clothing and an extra pair of shoes in the main compartment to stay away from home for a month and look and smell good doing it. When i get where i m going i just remove my shoes and packing cube of clothing and the bag is ready to EDC. Yes is it just a tad bigger than perfect for EDC but it is also a tad smaller than perfect for Travel (27L 28L Perfect for me) but it is the only bag out there that does both relatively well like B+ to A- kind of grade so it is a great bag especially for 1 bag travel. very hard to beat regardless of your height.
on a side note: the frame sheet is over rated for travel, the feeling of my soft packing cube of clothes in the small of my back is wonderful. the bag bulges there when you put your clothing in the bottom and i love it.

01-07-2019, 01:27 AM
I totally agree with @xnykid

I'm also 5', my GES25 does look and feel a little big on me, but I'm ok (cause I love it :3)