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01-02-2019, 03:24 PM
Howdy all.

I rock a Smart Alec and love it greatly. Usually use as an EDC with laptop, workout gear, lunch, etc. I also often have a Freudian Slip that holds my pens, a couple folders, wallet, sometimes an iPad, so on. I really like it for the ability to slip some envelopes, papers, etc, into the file pockets.

That said, my slip has flipped (https://photos.app.goo.gl/XVSiNVFtrCUH4gPQA)... it's sinking further and further down in the bag and becoming more difficult to use.

Any great suggestions for a storage solution for a few files/envelopes/etc, some easy to access pens, the like, that can slide easily in and out of a Smart Alec and be a bit more durable?


01-02-2019, 09:31 PM
If you put something stiff, like your ipad in the back lowest pocket on the file side, would that keep it from bending?

01-02-2019, 11:38 PM
This is exactly what I usually do: I carry my Macbook Air or my IPad in the lowest pocket of the Freudian Slip in my SA and that keeps it from bending. A stiff folder might also work. I think it depends a bit on what else you carry in the FS. The heavier the things in the upper pockets the more it will bend without support.

01-03-2019, 03:22 AM
Maybe contact the fine folks at Customer Service too

01-03-2019, 02:11 PM
Itís possible for the Freudian Slip foam to have bent if one has packed heavy objects in its top pockets *and* no objects or less heavy/stiff objects in the lower pockets. That said, my guess after looking at the photo is that at some point this Freudian Slip got pushed down in the pack and something heavy, maybe a book or laptop, ended up on top of the foam.

If itís possible thatís what happened, my first suggestion would be to try to bend the foam in the opposite direction and then carry something stiff in the lower pockets (and fill all of the lower pockets) for at least a while in an effort for the foam to revert back to its previous shape. You could even lay the Freudian Slip out flat on a table and put a couple of heavy books on top of it overnight to try to help the foam straighten out. And you mightíve already tried this, but hereís another idea: try carrying the Freudian Slip facing the other direction with a book or laptop (pushing the bend flat against the bag with the weight of the book or laptop against it).

Weíve tested various stiffer foams and theyíre all rather heavy ó given the bending/slouching problem is fairly unusual (in the grand scheme of things, though I know thatís no consolation to the individual user experiencing it as an annoying problem) our determination has been that switching to a heavier, stiffer foam would be trading a relatively minor problem for what most folks would perceive as a bigger problem.

That said, we are aware of this, and itís something weíre continually working on and revisiting.

And the suggestion to email our customer service crew is great ó they probably have some ideas for you that I havenít thought of :)