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01-30-2019, 09:39 AM
Years ago I gave up trying to reach stuff in my overhead bag during 12-14 hour cross-Pacific flights. So I up-sized my underseat bag.
Then I got fat. Now I can't agilely bend forward to retrieve my underseat bag. Yeah, I can if I'm really motivated (by a frozen flight?) but now, typically, I unpack the most used items to keep in the seat pouch or ... on my lap or on my body.
Did I mention this is economy seating?
What I principally need during the flight is an old retired Nexus 6 (large screen) I use for Kindle and inflight videos, active noise reducing earbuds, and a Platypus (iv-style) flexible film water bottle - handy because it collapses when empty.

How the Clear 3D Cube helps:
First, this tip works almost as well with a Side Effect as with the Clear 3D Cube. The Side Effect can of course be worn in transit and then on the ground, doubling the benefits.
But the 3D Cube is a little smaller, the clear side panels help me find stuff when I'm groggy (from lack of sleep!) on the flight, and the hanging-hook lets me optionally hang the 3D Cube from the coat hanger prong on the seat back of most of my flights.
Don't underestimate being able to eyeball the contents. I've occasionally lost small items when rooting around in bags to find stuff by feel. The small items just spill out from the blind rooting around.

End result:
My Platypus 1L film bottle is flatter than a round hard-sided flask, and fits the seatback pouch fine, once I dispose of the inflight magazines.
Similarly, there is room in the seatback pouch for my Velcro'd on "whiplash" foam neck brace, which is fantastically supportive compared to the more typical neck pillow - both are similar bulk for packing.
Then my smaller items are in the 3D cube. I use the neck strap to carry cross-body, front of body. During meals I either stuff in on the side of my seat (with arm looped through the neck strap so it is impossible to forget), or I hang it on the coat hook.
Contents will vary by traveler - I have reading glasses, distance glasses for when my contacts need to come out, those noise cancelling earbuds, and even that 6" Nexus repurposed as video player/Kindle reader. Of course if you have one of the current ginormous Apple phones, your phone can be your player.

On the ground:
Most items in my 3D Cube are "transit only" items, so at my destination I just throw the 3D Cube into my wheelie until my return flight. Since I check a carry-on sized wheelie (due to cabin weight limitations and my lack of interest in lifting a 3 pound wheelie into the overhead), I have enough space to bring along a Medium or even Large Cafe in my checked bag for use on the ground.

01-30-2019, 10:47 AM
... fits the seatback pouch fine, once I dispose of the inflight magazines.

How do you dispose of the inflight magazines?

01-30-2019, 03:25 PM
The flight attendants will take them, or I put them overhead. It's too cruel to put them in someone else's slot! You have to keep the emergency instructions and it's wise to keep the vomit bag.

02-02-2019, 10:50 AM
I've been contemplating just such an arrangement, after a trip on Southwest Airlines last weekend. You have to be a contortionists to get something out of the bag at your feet, good grief. I kicked off my shoes and used my socked toes in a prehensile fashion to maneuver my Pilot strap up to my hand so I could retrieve and put back my little kit bag that has my headphones, iPhone, sea bands, ginger chews and other little essentials.
I don't want all my stuff in view quite so much as a clear 3DOC would do so I am debating between a fabric 3D organizer cube or a small snake charmer. I don't remember seeing a seat back coat hanger prong, so I think I will need to be ready to do some sort of carabiner key strap method to hang it when no hook.

02-02-2019, 12:33 PM
I use my PCSBs for this. Corrals all my stuff and the bright color makes it tough to miss in the rush to exit the plane