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03-29-2019, 10:27 PM
I have a Co-Pilot, and am currently eyeing the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. I would like to just use the Co-Pilot for short (2-3 nights) trips. Since I just need to bring along a few shirts, I don’t want to carry a full duffle bag. Has anyone tried to use the PCSB as a “packing cube” of sorts for the CP?

03-30-2019, 05:38 AM
I'm sitting here looking at my CP and I think the PCSB would take up all the space in the main compartment, and not fit very well at that! It would be smashed in there, and I imagine my clothes would be a wreck. I'd probably pull out an off brand cube that has compression. The Eagle Creek (small) cube is 10" x 7" x 1.25" when compressed.

03-31-2019, 07:29 PM
I used my copilot for an overnight. I rolled my clothes and just stacked them in the back, toiletries in the front. It was such a short trip that a packing cube wasn't necessary.

That being said, if a packing cube existed for the copilot, I'd probably pick one up.

04-01-2019, 11:35 AM
There's a thread about packing cubes for the Co-Pilot (https://forums.tombihn.com/questions-about-bags/7120-packing-cubes-co-pilot-post58164.html), and @moriond suggests a small Western Flyer packing cube.

04-01-2019, 01:02 PM
This is a quick picture of the Small Western Flyer Packing Cube (all fabric) inside the Co-Pilot, with a 3D Organzier Cube in Wasabi and a Side Effect in Black 400d Dyneema/Wasabi in the two pockets. The Side Effect sits higher in the bag, but mine is not completely filled, because it's holding an iPad Mini in a case and Kindle Paperwhiite (among other items) inside, and the IPad Mini in its case means that also filling the Side Effect would seriously stretch the pockets. The Wasabi 3D cube is attached to the O-Ring with a Double Carabiner Clip. You can add these to both pouches/cubes in the pockets, if you want the extra security of making the packing cube and/or pouches harder to just lift out of the main compartment by casual others. Or you can use this as one way to store the Double Carabiner clips when you hang your Side Effect from the pocket of the seat in front. (I actually carry the clips in a pouch in the front zippered pocket if the Side Effect. I've only used one Double Carabiner Clip here, because it's easier to see the way it connects, and to see the triangular tab that can be used to lift the Packing Cube out of the Co-Pilot. I attach a handle loop to the Side Effect to make it easier to lift out. There's a full size iPad in the Cache siting in the outside pocket. not really necessary with the iPad Mini in the Side Effect, but just to show you this can be done if you're using the main compartment for the Packing Cube. Mine is holding a 3/4 length sleeve jacket, dress, and a Skirt, among the items. HTH. Sorry this was just taken with an iPad Camera.


If you read the linked thread, the other posts give exact information about relative dimensions of the bag and packing cube (at that time).

Note that the style used in the picture is the older, Halcyon Packing Cubes for Western Flyer
(https://www.tombihn.com/products/2017-packing-cube-western-flyer) that were retired in 2017 as listed in the first post (August 2017) of the Recently Retired and Soon-To-Be Retired Designs (https://forums.tombihn.com/general-bag-discussion/12663-recently-retired-soon-retired-designs.html) sticky thread. That small WF packing cube was offered in combined mesh/fabric and all fabric options (with the all fabric option being particularly easy to slide into the Co-Pilot back pocket).

This is a very handy size packing cube, and you'll see that it is/has been used in many other bag pack-ups in the forums, ranging from the Little Swift (retired around January 2015 after a final, "encore" production run), the Smart Alec (more recently retired -- think they still had some for sale until early February 2018), and also in pictures of pack-ups when the mini and small Yeoman Duffels debuted.

@bchaplin posted pictures of the current Western Flyer Small Packing Cube (https://www.tombihn.com/products/packing-cube-western-flyer) (in Aether) inside of various bags, including the Co-Pilot, in her April 2018 Pop Tote + Western Flyer cubes (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/13459-pop-tote-western-flyer-cubes.html). Take a look at the pictures in post #5 (https://forums.tombihn.com/photos-videos-and-reviews/13459-pop-tote-western-flyer-cubes-post158991.html#post158991) (April 7, 2018) of that thread, to see this packing cube in the Co-Pilot, Pilot, Daylight Backpack, and Smart Alec. I'll excerpt a few pictures for the Co-Pilot and Pilot, but if you want to see more pictures or read the detailed discussion, you should read the linked parent thread.


The comment was that "The small WF PC just fits in the Co-Pilot. It's probably not ideal for this bag, since it has to scrunch a bit;". It seems that the current Small Western Flyer Aether Packing Cubes are slightly larger than the older design, by about 0.1" in each dimension. I can use the new cubes in my Co-Pilot, but the older Halcyon cubes slid into the Co-Pilot more easily (especially, with the fabric sides -- current cubes are mesh on both large faces). (Another factor in the fit may be how stiff your Co-Pilot is -- 1050d Ballistic Nylon softens with time, so after 3 or 4 years the material is fairly pliable. My Ballistic Nylon Co-Pilot dates from the first production batch, and the material of the 400d Halcyon Co-Pilots -- the only other variety I have -- are intrinsically more flexible).

Since the original poster asked about using the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, I'd just state that the PCSB is a bit too long for Co-Pilot, but it would work for the larger Pilot. Take a look at the pictures in the PCSB or Side Effect in Pilot front (https://forums.tombihn.com/questions-about-bags/11504-pcsb-side-effect-pilot-front.html) thread.

Here's one of @tpnl's pictures of the PCSB piggy-backed to the front of the Pilot, so you can judge their relative lengths:

(BTW, the new PCSB design with the offset suspension points for attaching the shoulder straps means that this hack of piggy-backing with double-carabiner clips at the side won't work. It's still possible to suspend a PCSB in front of a Pilot if you use keystraps to attach the PCSB around the Pilot handle, but it's not as graceful looking a solution).

Here are some pictures from that thread showing the PCSB fitting into the back pocket of the larger/longer Pilot:



Again, you can refer to the original linked thread for more pictures comparing the PCSB to other accessories.



04-01-2019, 08:11 PM
Wow thank you so much for the detailed response. I’ll go take a look at the parent thread!

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04-01-2019, 09:22 PM
Wow thank you so much for the detailed response. I’ll go take a look at the parent thread!

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Just to give a quick illustration that the current size Small Western Flyer (Aether) packing cube still works, at least with my Co-Pilot (shown in the earlier thread that I answered in February 2014), here's the same Co-Pilot (1050d Steel Ballistic Nylon/Solar) with the current model of Violet Small Western Flyer Aether Packing Cube:


I just pulled the Co-Pilot out of the closet; the Small Western Flyer Packing cube is holding two A-line skirts, a dress, two tops, a lined linen jacket with three-quarter length sleeves, underwear and socks.


Here's the filled Western Flyer Packing cube inserted into the main compartment of the Co-Pilot, which is otherwise empty. (Note, that I didn't try to fill the inside pockets with 3D Organizer cubes and/or Side Effect as in the older pictures. You'll note that this packing cube is packed fuller than the Halcyon one in the earlier picture. The webbing loop is at the top (in @bchaplin's picture, the zippered side of the packing cube is on top).

The Co-Pilot looks flattened because it was pulled out solely to take this picture -- the packing cube was packed up for some earlier demo shots of how this could fit into the Luminary 15 (along with Shoes, a Water Bottle, Side Effect, and Travel Cubelet).

HTH, At least for me, this would be the correct size of packing cube to use, and the height (and other proportions) are a better match to the Co-Pilot than a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag would be. You could also probably stick in an A5 Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch (vertically) in back, although I would probably use 3D Organizer Cubes that fit into the pockets.


04-01-2019, 10:50 PM
I see. I think for me, I would still want to put a sleeve with an iPad in it. So I just have to concede and admit that the Co-Pilot would be too small to take for a one bag (with PCSB as day bag at destination) short travel. However, the Pilot looks to be perfect for what I’m looking for (PCSB and iPad sleeve).

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