View Full Version : Further Checkpoint Flyer specifics/questions?

08-30-2008, 08:26 AM
Hi Tom Bihn crew!

Just a few particular questions: What are the dimensions of just the main area of the briefcase? And are there any additional pockets in this part of the bag? I am trying to figure out if it could house a Billingham camera insert...I think it would be ok length and width wise, albeit probably a little small, but not sure about depth. Too, I have a MacBook Air...does the overall size of the Checkpoint flyer briefcase vary at all with laptop size or is it just the laptop sleeve that varies?

I am going to traveling more and am hoping that I can successfully convert this bag into an option to carry laptop, camera, lenses and knick-knacks with a few additions/adjustments. As a matter of fact, I am leaving on a trip on Sept. 15th which is two weeks from Monday...any chance that these could start shipping early?? It's been known to happen! ;)

If all checks out, I'll have my order in ASAP!

(Ok, strike that last sentence...I just broke down and ordered-figured it would be best to go ahead and "get in line" regardless...i figure if the dimensions don't work out, I can always cancel).