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12-24-2008, 02:08 PM
The other day (the last Friday before Seattle was blanketed with white, which now seems approximately forever ago) I was able to stop by the factory, where I picked up a Checkpoint Flyer, from Tom Bihn himself ;) Tom was also kind enough to not only give me a small tour of the factory floor, but talk a bit about the company's history, the design process, etc. Great stuff on the factory showroom walls, too -- so I got to try on for size several of the bags that I've admired online or occasionally on passing pedestrians.

Anyhow, though my actual review won't be ready for several weeks yet (my impressions thus far are about like those of everyone else's -- the Checkpoint Flyer is simply a standout bag, full stop), I thought this was amusing:

A Checkpoint Flyer, with the sleeve to hold a generation-just-passed (not unibody) 15" MacBook, will fit entirely, and neatly, inside (!) the main compartment of a Super Ego. Now, the C. Flyer was entirely empty, and I have not tried it again with the laptop in its sleeve, but I thought it was a neat trick just the same. Other than because you have a packing fetish / bag fetish, I can think of no obvious practical use for the knowledge, but it does underscore just how much the Super Ego can hold.

The back of the C. Flyer is great -- I wish I could have the same pocket arrangement *inside* the big-flat-pocket on the backside of the Super Ego.


01-13-2009, 06:51 PM
It was great of you to stop by, Timothy! Can't wait to read your review. Thanks for your patience that day - the store was busy and I was filling in for Casey in the shipping department, so it was a bit of a madhouse.