View Full Version : Zephyr as an overnight bag

01-24-2009, 02:54 PM
Three weeks ago I had one of those crazy schedules where I had to do an overnight trip in the middle of a longer trip. I'd brought my trusty Western Flyer as my suitcase, since I was going to be away for about a week, and supplemented that with the Zephyr as a briefcase to hold papers, my computer, and several books.

I decided to see if the Zephyr would work as an overnight bag in a pinch. So here's what I took in it: My Fujitsu P7230 small computer in its neoprene sleeve, noise cancelling headphones and my Ipod nano, my 1 quart liquids-n-gels baggie, a makeup and non-liquids toiletry bag of sundries, an oversized Tshirt as a nightie, a camisole, lingerie, and a cardigan as a change of clothes, a folder of necessary papers, and a novel. Not to mention random pens, business card holder, a couple of power bars, and a mini umbrella. And there was room to spare. What a delight to breeze out of the plane, catch a cab, and be set up in my hotel room with no fussing about bags! And, next day, the Zephyr morphed into a might fine looking briefcase. Pretty neat.