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01-31-2009, 07:17 AM
I asked Santa for a Swift a year ago, and he surprised me with one!

Anyway, I have a traveling job, and the long plane rides made me take up knitting again. This last year was South Africa, a 24 hour trip from my home. And, of course, I eventually learned how to leave my suitcase there and my clothes at the dry cleaners.

In all of my trips, I would load up the Swift with books, goodies, important electronics, my knitting, extra yarn, etc. The Swift comes through! It is truly a bag based on the Mary Poppins principle.

Coming home, at the end, I truly did think I would need more back space. Even went shopping for something. In the end, I decided that I could purchase a pillowcase from the hotel, if I needed one. But, I didn't. The Swift held what didn't fit in the regular suitcases.

I use it every day. Sometimes it's heavy, and sometimes not. But it always has a sock in progress, my wallet, a couple of goodie bags from airlines (full of stuff), crossword puzzles, a bottle of water...you name it. I love it!

Thank you!