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02-25-2009, 08:36 AM
A pretty positive review of the Western Flyer and accessories.

Appletell (http://www.appletell.com/apple/comment/appletell-reviews-the-western-flyer-laptop-bag-from-tom-bihn/)

04-22-2009, 06:22 PM
I got the Western Flyer in March but had not really used it for travel until this past weekend when I went to New York City by train. I was going on work, and had to take fairly dressy clothes, plus laptop, plus lots of paperwork. I also had a small (16inch) rollaboard.

The Western Flyer packed like a charm. I bundle wrapped two pants, 4 dress shirts, a linen jacket, one pair of jeans, and even a lightweight overcoat--into the western flyer. The front pocket easily accepted most of the rest of my stuff. I was quite stunned.

Mostly, I loved how well it fit on my back and how easily it carried. The last time I went to NYC, I got exhausted carrying my 21 inch rollaboard up and down stairs at stations, in subways, and in trains. This time, everything was a breeze. I had my WF on my back and a small rollaboard, and life was the easiest.

My only suggestion would be for the front pockets. Is there any way to do the orientation a bit differently so that the open pocket is vertical when you carry it as a backpack? maybe run it along the side like an old fashioned umbrella pocket? That way you can do the two pockets with a three sided zipper opening...and it will look ok carried horizontally or vertically.

I had been very concerned about getting the bag and read these forums endlessly, and of course spent an hour at the store--I am so glad I went with it. As a small made person, this is plenty big for me...the Aeronaut was too big; and so was the Air Boss.

I just wish that you would all make all your messenger bags have D rings and make life easier for us to switch out shoulder straps!!