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02-25-2009, 12:01 PM
In this thread, post a list or pictures of What You Carry in your Checkpoint Flyer (http://www.tombihn.com/page/001/PROD/700/TB1701). We will add your packing list to the Checkpoint Flyer page to help give other people a better idea of what the bag can hold.

02-26-2009, 02:41 PM
Got back this weekend past from my trip to Israel (Darcy, I sent a postcard to Tom c/o the factory address from there); on my flight back (very similar to the flight there), this is what I was able to get comfortably into the Checkpoint Flyer with only a bit of the sausage-stuffing effect:

Main compartment:
- 1 eBags medium packing cube, holding, bundle-wrapped:
[[khakis (size 34/32)
cotton boxers
2 pairs of ankle socks
1 synthetic scarf
1 pair thin fleece gloves
1 skullcap
button-up oxford shirt]]
- baggie with a small assortment of toiletries:
- 2.7 oz toothpaste container, half-empty
- small lexan bottle, 2 oz?, half-full of Dr. Bronner's soap
- 2.somethin' oz. stick deodorant
- 2oz hotel bottle of shampoo (seemed sturdy, and did survive)
- toenail clipper (I hate fingernail clippers; the toe-size ones work much better IMO for all nails)]]

- spare toothbrush

- zippered pouch cannibalized from a lesser bag containing:
[[extendable ethernet cord]]
AC adapter and cord for Eee laptop
2 USB keys
lexan spoon
a few bits / odds and ends I can’t even recall ... extra gum, that sort of thing]]

- passport / travel document pouch (worn on neck while in airport lines) containing
- passport
- gum
- boarding passes (three flights each way ;))
- miniaturized 1-page travel doc / contact info / reminders / ideas -- printed in miniscule characters which are readable for me; I prefer that to multiple pages
- a bit of currency

- small security blanket for airplane (all my flights seemed to run short of blankets and pillows)

In small outside pocket:
- Sony noise cancelling headphones, in pouch; this pocket seems to have been made for them. Batteries, small MP3 player free-riding in this pouch, too.
- small container (plastic cylinder) of aspirin
- small (3 oz) plastic container, filled with pine nuts flavored with salt, garlic powder and curry. Pine nuts pack compactly and were very cheap in Israel ;)

In the other, slightly larger pocket:
- trip journal
- compact camera in a small LowePro pouch (’Spectrum 30’)
- 3 pens, 1 mechanical pencil
- batteries in a flat pack which can hold 8 AAs (or smaller)

- housekey (the only key I brought on my trip), on lanyard, with carabiner
- Zebra AA headlamp. (A great light! Useful low-light output, amazing floody output.)

In the large open pocket on the back:
- reading material (a few books, most of the trip) a few scraps of paper for notetaking

In the center (laptop) compartment:
- Eee 10” laptop, running Ubuntu Linux 8.10
- (Some of the time: neoprene CaseLogic slipcover for that laptop in there, too, with the laptop inside)

NOTE: My work-issued laptop is a MacBook Pro; its battery has gotten bad, though. And since I knew I’d be carrying this bag quite a bit, I chose to take my smaller laptop (with a good battery). the Neoprene case made it a tight fit, but once it was closed, all seemed fine. Sometimes that case lived instead inside my larger packpack.

Small flat zippered pockets:
- Top one, nothing
- Bottom one, a few business cards

I think that’s it :)