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03-02-2009, 09:04 PM
What a bag! What a company!

We wanted an aeronaut for an upcoming trip. Concerned that the bag seemed back-ordered on the TB site, I emailed the company. Darcy promptly replied, saying no worries, they would make sure that I had the bag before the trip.

As promised, the bag arrived in plenty of time. This was my family's fourth Bihn bag (two cafe's and an EB). This bag deserves every ounce of praise heaped on it -- and more.

It couldn't be better made, and the design is incredibly thoughtful. It is perfectly paired with one large and two small packing cubes. Each end pocket easily held a pair of 10.5 size shoes (and more), and the center held more than enough clothes and other items for a ten day trip. The side handles are genuis; perfect for holding the bag as you walk down the plane's aisle or pulling it out of overhead. The backpack straps are pure comfort, and the absolute shoulder strap never disappoints (have one on the EB, too).

Thanks so much for the perfect travel bag. It is a true joy to use; every fiber oozes thoughtfulness and purpose.


Lone Piper
03-03-2009, 10:11 AM
Packing mine up for a trip tomorrow to Alabama....couldn't agree with you more! A great bag from a fantastic company!