View Full Version : what else to do with a padded pouch?

04-03-2009, 08:36 PM
kindle 2 case!!!

04-04-2009, 09:31 AM
I use mine to store my Casio Exilim digital camera -- it fits perfectly in a mini paded organizer pouch!

04-04-2009, 01:38 PM
i have my ipod touch in a small and my noise-reduction earbuds in a mini, clipped together....

04-08-2009, 09:50 PM
Digital Camera. Old style so inside a Medium Padded Pouch.

I also take along a small pouch with extra rechargeable batteries.

I would like to see a lanyard with an O ring at the end to enable me to transport or wear both pouches.
The lanyard provided with the Passport Pouch does fine for quickly taking out the Padded Pouch of my purse or bag but I don't know if it is sturdy enough for transporting the gear.

The Passport Pouch lanyard design with the sturdiness of Tom Bihn straps and the addition of a sturdy O ring at the end would enable us to carry electronic gear and accessories easily.

Some examples include whale watching, park strolling or biking or architectural design or landmark hunt in the city with a point and shoot or passing the time on metro, buses and trains, ferries with iPod or Kindle ready to be stowed in padded pouch if the need arise.

San Francisco Muni dispatchers and drivers are notorious for dumping passengers out of the L line, the line that goes all the way to the zoo and the ocean, at El Portal station in the middle of an intersection, on the street.

Muni rail cars are designed to be level with elevated station platforms so going out of the cars onto the street is extremely difficult for elderly people, parents with babies and tourist shleeping backpacks or locals doing the same with grocery.
Of course people using wheeled aids for mobility cannot go out that way so the train stops inside the station for them so why not allow all passengers to go out that way and put up the car sign that says "no passengers".

In this scenario, having one's camera, iPod or Kindle in a Padded Pouch is a must.

04-09-2009, 07:35 AM
i also use mine for my earbuds.

04-30-2009, 08:11 PM
I use one for my gps. The same one can also fit my Western Digital portable HD.

04-30-2009, 09:56 PM

05-01-2009, 02:15 PM
The Padded Organizer Cases (http://www.tombihn.com/page/001/PROD/ACC/TB0318) sized for the MacBook Air Superdrive work really well for ThinkPad ultrabay components such as 2nd hard drive adapters holding secondary disks and other swappable devices. While these are a bit larger than the ThinkPad accessory pouches mentioned in this post (http://forums.tombihn.com/showthread.php?p=3026&highlight=#post3026) they work better for the new thinner devices because of packing flatter and offering more protection.

While the medium size padded and Cordura cases do work well for the Kindle 2, they're unfortunately a bit too small to accommodate the Kindle 2 with cover (http://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Kindle-2-Leather-Cover/dp/B001JAH7OM/ref=dp_cp_ob_kinh_title_0). I can get one into a Cordura case, but only by stressing the zipper.