View Full Version : DSLR and backpack, plus cleaning the SA

08-11-2009, 05:58 PM
OK, I'm back to my old problem of trying to find a nice compliment to my Aeronaut for my "personal" item bag that can handle a DSLR and a few other misc items. I think I need to revisit the Smart Alec but I thought I'd ask for others to chime in with the only requirement being a backpack and ability to carry and somewhat protect a DSLR. I'm currently on a trip now where I used a Red Oxx Gator bag and while decent the fact remains I need a backpack for hiking and walking around. I could pack a small backpack along with everything else but that seems a waste if I can make the backpack my personal item. I just can't live without how a backpack works when you just want to hike or walk a bunch without worrying about your carrying load.

Related to this, has anyone gone on a long hike in the summer with something like the Smart Alec and had to clean it after getting sweaty? I've cleaned my TB bags before but never had to clean them from a sweaty workout. I assume it would be fine but wanted to make sure. If I use something like the SA for hiking, it will get sweaty if the weather gets muggy like it has been for me on this trip.

08-11-2009, 09:02 PM
You and me both! I'm waiting with baited breath for a TB solution to carrying camera gear. I rather not take my LowePro bags because once I'm at my destination, I like my bags to be multi-taskers: dividers, lining, etc., get too bulky. I'm thinking of getting ThinkTank for carrying my gear when I do sporting events or receptions, but I don't think they make great travel solutions.

Don't know about the sweaty part though! :D

08-12-2009, 05:50 AM
After reading another post I wonder if an immediate solution is something to protect the camera and lenses which would then go into the backpack. This would just be for transport. Once there an accessory (from TB hopefully) to clip the camera to the straps of the backpack so it hangs in front. I can hang the camera with my neck strap but having it integrated with the backpack might be less fuss.

I know I need the camera (heck I paid for it I need to use the stupid thing!) but I also think I need the backpack for trudging around.