View Full Version : Reviving my Ristretto

02-05-2012, 10:27 PM
So, due to the new Ristretto announcement--this evening I felt the urge to use my Ristretto as my bag for this upcoming week. The sticking point I've been having with it if managing to find a way to fit my D7000 with me where ever I go. Anyways, below is my packing list.

[Main Compartment Area]
13" Macbook Air
A large book on Portrait Photography that I've been reading while I'm bored.
My External Hard Drive inside of my FoT pouch attached to a keystrap.

[Front Compartment]
Pen and Pencil
Mini Clear Pouch with my USB cables inside one of the sewn in pockets.
Bottle of Cologne
Nikon D7000.

[Zippered compartment]
MBA power adapter
Bluetooth Mouse
Nikkor 35mm Lens.

There is no way for me to keep my camera together. That being said, I feel happy still that I'll at least be able to carry all of that with me, all while being inside of a fairly small package.