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03-07-2012, 08:49 AM
(TB Color Experts who don't want to read all my ramblings please skip to next to last paragraph!)

Upon opening the box that contained my replacement Synapse, Co-Pilot and MCB my very first thought was that I was accidentally sent a Large instead of a Medium Cafe Bag. I flipped up the lining and confirmed it was Cayenne, meaning it was a medium. I then held it up to the LCB sitting right next to the box. Although the measurements on the product page would lead you to believe there is a significant difference in size I found it was not easily discernable.

My second though, as I pulled out the UV Synapse and Iberian Co-Pilot is that all bags that can be made in Dyneema should be made in Dyneema! Both are gorgeous!

MCB: Packed up the MCB this morning with the same load I usually take in one of my LCBs. My original iPad in it's red leather zip around Sena case still fit horizontally in the bag. All the pouches also fit as did my wallet, phone, sunglasses and knitting project. It was slightly more stuffed than the LCB but I bet if someone saw me with the LCB one day and MCB the next day the only difference they would notice is the color. The one thing I did notice is that while the load in my MCB was not uncomfortable to carry, it was not as comfortable, even with the ultrasuede wrap as, as my LCB is with the Absolute strap.

Synapse: So glad Katy found me a UV Synapse so I could sent the Black/UV back. I would never have been happy with the Black and I absolutely adore the UV. I love everything about this bag, it's cord zipper pulls, it's squishyness, how light it is, everything! My iPhone in it's giant Otterbox won't fit in the ultrasuede pocket that was made for it, but that's okay, I rarely want my phone inside a pocket behind a closed zipper! The new purple Kleen Kanteen I bought on Saturday to match the bag, (yes, really) just fit in the water bottle pocket. The Sport cap made it a little tighter fit than if it had the Classic cap, but that was all that was available unless I wanted to get a smaller size. My keys ride happily in the small top pocket. I bought a long key strap to attach all my pouches to so they can sit in the bottom of the main compartment.

Co-Pilot: I've been looking at the C0-Pilot on and off for months. On the one hand I was afraid it was too "suitcasey" and "formal" looking to suit me. On the other hand it's just so darn cute! Finally decided that in the Iberian it might look a little more casual and it does. Absolutely LOVE the Iberian. In fact if Katy had not been able to find me a UV Synapse I probably could have been satisfied with the Iberian. Again, the Otterboxed iPhone doesn't fit in the special iPhone pocket but that's my problem not the Co-Pilot's. The Kleen Kanteen Insulated Thermos that I bought (yes to match the bag) fits perfectly in the front water bottle pocket. The pockets in the main compartment easily hold my original size Kindle. They also hold the mega stuffed Tokidoki organizer pouches (in between a TB small and medium) that contain all the essentials I think I need when I go to a dog show (Tide pen, WD-40 pen, leatherman tool, mini-maglite, etc). Haven't decided if this will be The Dog Show Bag or not. I had planned to take the Absolute strap I purchased for the now retired Lexie Barnes Superstar and put it on the Co-Pilot, but for now, with the bag not fully packed, it seems like too much strap for the bag. It's all that heavy metal hardware. I immediately replaced the metal zipper pulls with the supplied cord pulls. I'm gonna have to get more of those for other bags! (Hevay duty wire snips made easy work of getting off the metal zipper pulls.)

I leave for a 3 day dog show trip tomorrow and plan to use both the Synapse and the Co-Pilot but have not completely worked out which bag will act as my PLO and which will be The Dog Show Bag.

Other random thoughts...

Please Tom, make a garment/suit bag in Dyneema!

I ordered several clear pouches. One of the ones I received is in a Cordura color I can't identify. At first I thought it must be Linen, but it's much darker than I thought Linen would be. Then I decided maybe it is Steel but it's much lighter than I thought Steel would be. It' s a GORGEOUS color (says the one who doesn't usually like neutrals) and I might "need" something this color if I could identify it. I tried taking a picture but can't capture it. I would call it Taupe. It's not grey, it's not tan, it's not beige, it's got some greenish undertones. Does anyone have both Steel and Linen that they could photograph up close together?

Also found out how to not be annoyed by the clips hanging off the pouches when you use the key strap to attach them. I attached several (4 pouches) to an empty keyring (just the ring part) and then attached the key strap to the ring. Works beautifully, allows you to attach a bunch of pouches to one strap (Think knitting notions in multiple pouches attached to a Swift!). I think I need to pick up a pack of smallish key rings at the craft store to use as "jump rings" with all my key straps.

03-07-2012, 09:13 AM
What an exciting morning for you! Cayenne is one of my favorite TB colors, and I know it looks great in the MCB. Did you get the navy one? And I'm so envious of you getting the Synapse AND the Co-Pilot - they're both neat bags and I love the UV. I like imagining your color coordinated Kleen Kanteens! I have an LL Bean stainless thermos that I've been using for 20 years, and was so happy to find out it fits in the C-P.

I saw that beige-ish pouch in the store and I'm pretty sure it's linen. I have to go to the store soon (to trade my steel Co-Pilot for an Iberian), so I can try to find out for you. Does anyone else have things I should check on?

03-07-2012, 09:54 AM
My new MCB is Plum/Cayenne. That combo only came in the Medium, hence the reason I "downsized". I do have Navy on my wishlist....

03-07-2012, 12:51 PM
So glad you were able to trade in for the UV Synapse! It's great to get exactly what you want! I agree with you that there can't be enough things made/lined with UV Dyneema!

03-07-2012, 02:26 PM
I'm glad you finally got your UV Synapse! Are you wanting a suitbag that stands alone, or a suit insert folder for the existing bags? I would love an insert that would fit the WF. It would be the perfect complement, though I have been able to successfully bundle pack into packing cubes and avoid wrinkles when traveling with my WF.

03-07-2012, 02:40 PM
I'm insanely jealous that you got an Ultraviolet Synapse! I'm hoping (AHEM) that someone will want to sell one . . . or trade for my Plum/Solar Cordura one . . . very soon . . .

And isn't the Co-Pilot both sleek and adorable?

03-07-2012, 02:47 PM
dorayme: Yes. a stand alone suit/garment bag.

marbenais: Before I got my UV Synapse I'd have said that I'd be happy to trade it for a Plum/Solar Cordura one. But now that I actually have it in my hands.... No Way!

03-08-2012, 03:12 PM
whitestar - I looked at a linen clear organizer pouch at the store today, and I would say it is just as you describe the one you received. Steel is a very graphite/gray color, and the linen is more in the taupe range. I like that color too.

I swapped my steel dyneema co-pilot for the Iberian, and picked up some more fun pouches, of course!

03-08-2012, 04:23 PM
marbenais: Before I got my UV Synapse I'd have said that I'd be happy to trade it for a Plum/Solar Cordura one. But now that I actually have it in my hands.... No Way!
WhiteStar, thanks for this detailed commentary, and I'm really, really happy that you got your UV Synapse, and that you like it so much! Try using the front pocket of the Synapse that zips just below the water bottle pocket as an alternative place to store your iPhone in its Otterbox case. I don't know that it will fit, but there's more room than in the Ultrasuede lined pocket at the side. I've sometime stashed my iPhone in this front pocket, but be sure to use one of the solutions in the 'Locking zippers on the Synapse' (http://forums.tombihn.com/customer-pictures-video/2519-locking-zippers-synapse.html) thread to secure the pocket.

I've been using black zinc split rings (last link in my post in the aforementioned "Locking zippers" thread), both for securing my Synapse (with notmensa's option 2 method), and for attaching pouch key clips.

The Iberian Dyneema is also pretty neat. That's another color that looks better in person than it does in the pictures, as I commented in the recent thread on the 'Future of Navy/Iberian color combination in TB bags' (http://forums.tombihn.com/questions-about-bags-accessories/4567-future-navy-iberian-color-combination-tb-bags.html#post34752) thread.


03-08-2012, 08:49 PM
I am very happy for you. It is a great day when you get what you want the way you want it. Enjoy your new gear! LS6