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10-26-2012, 10:19 AM
Background – I needed an EDC/work bag. The previous one was a large targus backpack, free with and sized for my previous work laptop (15”), now rather too large and cumbersome for my newer HP Elitebook 2540p. There should be plenty of room in it, but having used it for several short 2-3 day work trips onto the continent it didn’t do the job well, wasn’t great comfort-wise, and it was hard to use the space efficiently. It was also falling apart, and looking less and less business-like, not so bad in my usual, slightly more casual office, but more of a concern when in either the UK HQ or the one in Germany or meeting regulators.

Being work they figured I’d manage with the older bag, and stopped supplying new ones with each new computer; either way, costs are being reduced, so if I wanted a new bag it was up to me. I’m usually in the car, but go by train and bus at least 2 or three times a month. I’d already seen the TB website when eyeing up the Tri-star (still on my wish list) so a whole new decision making/procrastination process started up, I looked online for reviews and came down to a backpack or more briefcase/messenger style.

The Cadet 15/13 kind of ‘sang’ to me as fitting what I was after. So I ordered one in black/iberian, plus a couple of pouches (and a clear quarter organiser cube, and a packing cube shoulder bag in steel – many thanks to Brian for putting up with the added extras on the order as I tried to assuage my BAS by looking on the website for ever more bag solutions) and waited while the back-order processed.
And it’s here!

Right – this is what I carry:

Main section (rear)

Laptop (HP Elitebook 2540p) in neoprene case.

Main section (front pocket)

USB stick drives (now in a mini clear organiser pouch (plum?), off a key strap)
Small personal first-aid kit inc plasters, paracetamol or ibuprofen, antihistamines (these might get put into the clear organiser cube) – work requirement for travel.
Glasses (in hard case)

Front pocket

Mobile Phones – personal and work (one in the little pocket on the front).
cable/power brick
Keys from the loop
Asthma Inhaler (now in a mini clear organiser pouch (Iberian), off a key strap)

Rear open pocket

Hi-vis jacket (requirement for walking on site, including to and from the train station nearby)


Very neat, more businesslike than the old bag. Love the absolute shoulder strap.

I have also been carrying a set Travel plug adaptor ends (in a bulky HP leather case thing) and there’s not quite enough room for those but I can always add the individual one I need as I usually get a bit of notice about travel. Also thinking about a snake charmer maybe?.

I sometimes also have my kindle and a 500ml bottle of water but I think they’ll fit fine in the main section.

The pouch for the asthma inhaler is great – I used to have a cover with a lanyard that I used but after the doctor changed my inhaler type over the summer, it no longer fit. Now I can hook the pouch on the lanyard, so I can keep it on me when out in the field, and the pouch gives better protection for the inhaler than the old cover did!

Also in the order were a packing cube shoulder bag (for my Pilates gear on days when I have a class at lunchtime) and a clear quarter organiser cube.
I’ll try to remember to post some pictures and some more thoughts after I’ve had chance to really use it. I love the Black/Iberian combo – I'm so glad I waited for it.