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12-15-2012, 01:13 AM
This post is somewhat belated, but thought I'd share the way I used my then brand new Tom Bihn gear on my last trip to Canada (from Australia).

I was travelling alone but joining my family there and had a very large pile of gifts for our extended family so I had to check a regular suitcase. That left Tom to take care of my carry-on needs and I chose a Synapse and an MCB (I also ordered a LCB but it was too big for my needs so it eventually made its way to eBay).

MCB went under the seat and contained everything I might want easy or regular access to during the flight:
- book and magazine
- wallet, passport, itinerary etc
- phone
- notepad & pen
- snacks
- water bottle

The Synapse went in the overhead compartment and contained things I didn't expect to need regularly:
- 3-1-1 bag
- Change of underwear and socks
- Long sleeve Merino top when I wasn't wearing it (most of the time)
- Shorts to change in to when I arrived in summer after leaving in winter
- Spare book
- Extra snacks

When getting around in the airports I was easily able to carry the Synapse on my back and the MCB across my shoulder. It would sit more around the side than usual (due to the Synapse) but this was fine. Of course, this meant my hands were free to lug the suitcase around too.

If you're forced to travel with a regular suitcase as well as carry-on, I can heartily recommend this combination. The change I might make next time is to swap the MCB for a Co-Pilot. I was a bit worried about things falling out of the MCB when laying flat on the floor so like the Co-Pilot's zips as well as its extra organisation.


EDIT: I should add that my passport and itinerary were in a medium pouch as were my snacks.

12-15-2012, 07:01 AM
I can heartily agree on the switch to a Co-Pilot for the under-seat bag. The Synapse/Co-Pilot combo has served me well on several trips, and it is nice to not have to worry about things falling out of a bag.