View Full Version : Thinking about a Super Ego, and which strap?

08-29-2013, 04:45 PM
I'm a short, big guy (5'9", 320). During the winter here in Arizona, I will typically use my Smart Alec as my EDC bag, which I love. However, in the summertime, i gravitate toward a messenger style bag. I have a long walk into work and using a backpack in the summer can soak the back of my shirt. A messenger typically leaves more of my upper torso bare and is cooler for me to use.

The Super Ego seems to be comparable in space to my Smart Alec, plus a messenger style the bag will sit off to my side, not necessarily on my back. I carry my weight up front, so a backpack really makes me cast a shadow (if you know what i mean).

So I guess I am asking for some validation for purchasing the Super Ego (as opposed to any of the other messenger/breifcase style bags) and to ask for recommendations as to which strap should i get for the bag? The Absolute or the Q-AM? I typically wear a messenger bag strap cross body.


08-29-2013, 05:02 PM
Hi Dave.
I'm a big guy too (6'-1", 295) and I haven't regretted buying my Super Ego once since I received it over 2 years ago.
I would recommend the Absolute shoulder strap, as I wear it cross-body as well and it's super comfortable that way. And you will have NO trouble fitting everything you need into this thing; it's huge!

08-29-2013, 07:57 PM
I agree with Ted. Your decision is sound. :)

I learned about Tom Bihn from a friend who had a Super Ego. It's a beautiful bag, but I always felt it was a *tad* too big for my needs. If you're filling a smart Alec, I would think the Super Ego would be the perfect messenger alternative. He rocked the super ego with the absolute strap and a brain cell. I swear that that thing could swallow a small car and you would never know it was there. :)

I used to have an ID, and used both a Q-Am and absolute shoulder strap. The Q-Am is great for mobility (keeping the bag locked tight on your back), but not so good for side-slinging. The absolute is great for cross-body use riding on your hip. I have an absolute strap on my Empire Builder, and I would never use anything else. It is that good.