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01-14-2014, 10:39 AM
A Medium Cafť Bag in Parapack Classic arrived yesterday, and itís already been on a few trips around town. The Parapack did just fine in the light rain weíve been having, and the Steel/Iberian color scheme in Parapack/Dyneema on the MCB looks just as good as the Ballistic/Dyneema of my WF. The MCB is replacing an aging Eagle Creek Vagabond (2007) as my light excursion bag. The dimensions are close, and the fabrics are similar, but the Vagabond has a large main pocket with the organization panel on the outside. I was curious how the MCB would compare since itís organization is, almost, all within the main pocket.

I also wanted to see how the MCB would handle a laptop. My computers are a 13Ē MBP and a 12.5Ē HP 2560, and the 6Z Cache fits them both very well. Occasionally, the light shoulder bag gets the honor of carrying one of these around. As you can see in the pictures, the MCB can easily handle either computer in the 6Z Cache. The HP is shorter, but a little fatter, so it restricts what else can be in the bag a tiny bit more than the MBP does. With either computer, and all the stuff listed below, the back slash pocket was able to handle two issues of The New Yorker. I would not recommend this setup for daily carry of your laptop, nor do I think itís professional enough to present in front of clients. It is an acceptable solution for the occasional short trip.

The ability to fit a computerís power supply in the bag with the other stuff isnít much of a concern. When I use a light shoulder bag to haul a computer, itís only for a short, local, trip, and a power brick isnít needed. So, I didnít include one in the pictures. The Apple or HP bricks would fit, but it would be tight with other things in the bag.

pics of the Medium Cafť Bag in Steel Parapack/Iberian Dyneema.

Keys w/Tri-Power Whistle
Org Pouch (mini, dyneema) w/cards, cash, and receipts
Org Pouch (nano, parapack) w/coins
Pass the Pigs (party edition)
Travel chopsticks
Lowe camera hard case w\ Etymotic in-ear headset
Eagle Creek Pac It Sac X-Small w\lens cloth, Tums, Advil, tissues, toothbrush
Cache (6Z horizontal) w/MacBook Pro 13Ē
Org Pouch (small, cork) w/ID fob, broadband card, pen, notepad, iPhone cable
Org Pouch (mini, clear) w/iPhone earbuds
Sakura Micron pen
Tom Bihn Cord Zipper Pull
*not shown; chap stick in interior pen pocket ala Maverick


01-14-2014, 10:41 AM
a couple more pics.

01-15-2014, 01:36 PM
Thanks! I have one on order and was wondering if it would be able to handle my macbook air in an pinch. It looks like it can handle it.