View Full Version : Co-Pilot works great with all iPads

01-18-2014, 11:52 PM
Been using my Co-Pilot for a week, and I find it the ideal bag for everyday carry for iPad users, all models. I'm really picky on bags, and I haven't found any issue with this one. The assembly and finish are outstanding, the design is really convenient even for my large hands, and every pocket is super accessible.

If you use an iPad mini, the two large pockets in the main compartment are the perfect size to store it in vertical position, and it rests on a reinforced seam so the bottom of the iPad doesn't hit the ground directly when you put the bag down.

If you're a user of the larger iPad, it fits very nicely in the main compartment in horizontal position, but it also fits in vertical position, which is great if you want to pack a bulging pull-over in the other half.

On the occasional day where I need to take a computer to work, the 11" macbook air fits really nicely, and I tried a 13" macbook, it just fits but you can't easily close the bag.

And even after I put my two iPads in there, there's still room for a full change of clothes (I bike to work), power supplies, large wallet and a bunch of useless stuff I carry around.

Hope this helps iPad users.

01-19-2014, 06:18 PM
Thank you. It does help. I carry an iPad mini with me every day along with my EDC iPhone, wallet, writing utensils, notepad, etc. I am looking forward to receiving my new Co-Pilot in either late March or early April. I have been using my S19 daily, but sometimes I don't need to carry as much and I switch to my LCB. I know that the Co-Pilot will become part of my weekly rotation and I will soon receive my new SE to easily transfer my basic carry from bag to bag. The iPad is my essential reading, time management, and entertainment tool on a daily basis, so I don't think I could go any smaller than the Co-Pilot. I would love to see photos of your bag in action. :)