View Full Version : Packing Cube as Clothing Storage

01-22-2014, 05:10 PM
I purchased an additional WF Small Packing Cube (among other things) when I visited the store a couple weeks ago. I just got home and have reorganized my "travel clothing" storage (I find that reserving some of my travel friendly clothing for travel means I always have clean clothes ready for spontaneous adventures...).I now have Short Sleeve and Sleeveless tops in one cube, undies and sleepwear in a second cube, and merino sweaters and Smartwool items in my Packing Cube Backpack. My 3rd packing cube contains organizer pouches I rely on every time I travel, and one of my Packing Cube Shoulder Bags contains the 2 3D organizers I use for toiletries (1 clear for 3-1-1 and 1 Dyneema for non-liquids).

BTW...I traveled with my WF and Imago and even on the full flights and small aircraft I was able to easily find space for my bags. On the last leg of my return flight, the flight attendant complimented my bag (WF) and asked where I got it. He gave me the perfect opportunity to proclaim the many virtues of Tom Bihn company and bags. He assured me he was going to check out the website...hopefully there will be another convert to Tom Bihn wonderfulness.😄

01-29-2014, 10:09 AM
Definetely get lots of complements about my TB! Always refer potential customers and they're always very happy to see USA makes such good products. "The closer the better" I always say!!