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02-02-2014, 07:34 AM
I've seen pictures, but why can't I order it? Is there a link I'm not aware of?

02-02-2014, 09:31 AM
Tom Bihn's entry-level backpack, The Ruck's Sack, was discontinued at least a few years ago. It was replaced by the Synapse (19).

I've been wondering if I could instigate a movement to encourage the Bihn crew to either re-issue the old Ruck's Sack or initiate a newer, similar product. What has been causing me to hesitate is that Bihn discontinued the Ruck in the first place, suggesting there was a lack of demand. It might be interesting to present a new Ruck and market it differently, possibly as a Skookum Dog hiking backpack. I have no idea if that would work. Maverick's video of the original TB Ruck was actually quite impressive to me. At the time I bought a Super Ego briefcase to satisfy other needs. The TB Ruck was discontinued before my funds could recover.

I suppose if you wanted a good Ruck Sack backpack from a different USA-made source, there are other possibilities. These include Red Oxx of Billings, Montana, which offers an uber-expensive Airborne Ruck that is well-appointed. Topo Designs in Colorado also offers some interesting USA-made rucks. I don't think either of these firms offer neat little doodads like built-in "o" rings and the like.

The original TB Ruck was relatively inexpensive, only about $80 if memory serves. If your objective is an entry-level backpack at a competitive price, you could go non-ruck at order a K-12 Kat Pack School Backpack from Red Oxx. The K-12 is still priced at $90, which is pretty competitive for a USA-made backpack. (I feel that if Red Oxx to can do that, then in theory Tom Bihn's crew should be able to as well.)

If you are interested in participating in a movement to appeal to the Bihn crew to re-issue the old Ruck's Sack or something similar, please feel free to discuss it in the 2014 Wish List discussion thread. (http://forums.tombihn.com/tom-bihn-news-everything-else/6844-2014-tom-bihn-wish-list.html) Please keep us updated on what you decide!

02-02-2014, 12:11 PM
The Ruck's Sac was a backpack that was introduced in July 2007, and the last model was sold sometime around December 2009 - January 2010. It's actually a redesign of an even earlier Tom Bihn backpack that was called the Ado. The name is often misspelled in references, but an excerpted section from the original product page explains it's origin:

The Ruck's Sac fits everyone about 5 years old and up (although big folks may find the fit less-than-optimal).

Tom reached into his design archives and updated the design of this pack with the encouragement of a certain Mr. Ruck, who wanted the best packs possible for his triplets. To thank Mr. Ruck for his patience, we named this newly re-designed pack in honor of his kids.

Here are a few old forum threads related to the Ruck's Sac:

New: Ruck's Sac Backpack (Available July 4th) (http://forums.tombihn.com/tom-bihn-news-everything-else/954-new-rucks-sac-backpack-available-july-4th.html) original thread announcing the Ruck's Sac
Going, going, gone? (http://forums.tombihn.com/thoughts-tom-bihn-bags/3260-going-going-gone.html) an old thread discussing products or product colros and options that no longer are available

Retired bags and options are a frequent topic on the forums. Some recent references include the disappearance of Cardinal (red) Ballistic Nylon bag options (though the very last bit of the fabric is being used for a final batch of Aeronauts), the retirement of the Imago (a horizontal Messenger bag), the retirement of the Cordura fabric option for the Synapse Backpack (and the disappearance of Cordura options and colors in many other products, such as the Cafe Bags, where it is still available, but in a more limited range of colors), in favor of 420d HT Parapack Nylon, the retirement of the Cadet 11"/iPad size (and the unavailability for some time of the Cadet 15"/13" for some time as personal carryon bags that could fit in larger luggage bags like the Tri-Star and still carry laptops, tablets, other items etc.), the retirement of the Breve for minimal iPad carrying back in 2012, etc. In some cases, color decisions were reconsidered such as the decision to bring back Solar Dyneema (http://www.tombihn.com/blog/welcome-back-solar) after its being dropped in June 2012, or the more recent decision to continue making products in Nordic Dyneema, again in response to user reactions.

If there's really a product you want that is not currently available, try posting your request in the forums. People will notify you of product sales for that item they know of at eBay or Craig's list, etc. A lot of people have been able to get the bags or colors they want this way. I know that dorayme managed to get a Ruck's Sac for her daughter in late August/Early September 2012. Janine's Dear eBay (http://forums.tombihn.com/thoughts-tom-bihn-bags/4019-dear-ebay.html) thread (in its later posts) describes how she managed to get the Indigo Ballistic nylon bags she wanted and which we're no longer being sold, and others on the forum have similarly managed to persist and find the bags they want with the assistance of other forum members.



02-02-2014, 03:53 PM
What I would LOVE to see is an ALL DYNEEMA Synapse 19 - replace the back and straps with plain dyneema, no padding, all other fearures to stay the same. A bag that lives in whatever TB bag I carry is Hyperlite Mountain Gear's metro pack. The TB shop bags are great if I am tooling around in my car. But if I am walking or taking public transpo, I prefer the HMG metro pack to carry the items I pick up along the way.