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Yoda Sloth
02-02-2014, 09:36 AM
Its odd what I wonder about late at night these days. Contemplating which Bihn bags to take on the 10 day trip to Germany in April, on Friday night I thought I would see if my Syn 25/ MCB combo would really work. As I kept adding things to the "stuff I need on the plane" bag, the MCB started getting small, so I moved to the Pilot. It was after 11 pm, but I suddenly had to know if the basic clothes for the trip would fit in the Syn 25.

So, here is what I tried:

1 pair jeans
1 pair yoga pants
2 pairs of shoes (Toms, Brooks Pure Drift)
9 t-shirts (normal cotton ones, nothing high tech)
6 pairs of socks
3 scarves

(I can feel Lani shuddering from here as she reads this - she is now beginning to compose her reply on how I could not possibly need 9 t-shirts on any trip, ever ;)) (but to go ahead and answer - one reason I go on vacation is so that I don't have to think about or do the "normal" chores of day to day life - laundry is one of those things - so while I am not willing to cart around a huge bag, if I can fit a couple of extra shirts in and not do laundry - that will usually be my choice...)

It all fit! Tight, but I didn't try very hard to arrange it perfectly, and I suspect I will decide I really don't need 9 shirts :)
I had thought it would, but it was good to know for sure...

So last night, again at 11 pm, I was suddenly consumed with curiosity - "What if I bought stuff and had nowhere to put it for the trip back? I could carry a large shop bag, but then I would have 3 bags. I wonder if the Pilot will fit inside the Large Shop Bag??"

Yep, it does. Just slides right into the bottom of the bag (right side up, not on its side). The Pilot wasn't very full, but even full, there would be room to slide things in with it on the sides and on top...

I am new to Bihn-dom, so a question to the old timers - will it always be like this? Constantly trying to find a new way or better system? Or will I eventually settle into something that works and quit the tweaking/experimenting? (hmmm, as I type that, I think the answer is probably - depends on the personality of the individual...)

02-02-2014, 09:54 AM
Last question first, I'd be prepared for it to always be like this. Constantly striving for improvement is a good thing.

If you wear one t-shirt and pack or five others you should be fine. Change the look with a scarf and nobody will notice you're wearing the same thing twice.

Can you cut back to four pairs of socks? One other space saver would be wearing one pair of shoes and packing only one other.

I love packing cubes in my S25. I only using Eagle Creek Specter cubes right now. I do have my eye on a couple of TB cubes though.

My toiletries are in an Organizer Cube. I've got my 311 stuff in a clear one. I managed to pack six day in my S25 with room oft over for my SE.

Would love to see pictures. It's the whole always striving for improvement thing. :)