View Full Version : Quick pic - what I can fit in the large Pilot packing cube

03-30-2014, 02:35 PM
Packing for a trip to London - while I am taking my steel/solar Synapse 19, I wasn't sure about the Pilot and decided to wait and see what the Aeronaut Jr looked like. I did however, order the Pilot packing cube and was surprised at what I could fit - and all with struggling to get the zipper closed (I could probably add another shirt and a scarf at least). I did try the packing cube in the S19, and it fit ok, but the S19's taper at the top made it a little tricky. (For my trip the cube's going in a small LLBean duffel).

4 - tshirts (1 longsleeve, 3 short)
2 dress shirts
1 pair running shorts
1 mini skirt
Underwear and a pair of socks (not shown)

For reference, I am 5' and somewhat petite.