View Full Version : More love on my Side Effect

06-05-2014, 01:03 PM
There are just some things about Tom Bihn bags that you don't really appreciate at first glance, and need to use them to appreciate. I brought my side effect on vacation, sometimes inside my Little Swift, sometimes solo. One thing I really appreciated is where the connectors are that you attach the straps to, they aren't way on the top but a bit down from the top. Why is this a good feature? Because it keeps the bag from bouncing around when carried cross body. It never moved. Usually I have small purses like that, that are always bouncing around and getting into my and others way. This thing just stayed put which was especially nice when carrying it hiking.

06-05-2014, 01:33 PM
Very true - it can be a minor pain to clip things onto those recessed o-rings (I swap my keys and coin purse between my SE and MCB fairly regularly), but there's no denying that the SE is pretty stable.