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12-05-2006, 06:55 PM
Re: Medium Cafe Bag w/pouches

Last week, I ordered the medium Café Bag to use as an everyday carry satchel. Being an old school utilitarian, I am delighted with my Café Bag, love the steel and crimson color combination…understated elegance I’d say. I love the simple design of this bag.

In the past, I have purchased Timbuk2 and Manhattan Portage bags. The Timbuk2 Metro was way too heavy and the Manhattan Portage bag had no lining nor as well refined as my new Café Bag. The lining alone makes the Café Bag an excellent value as compared to other bags in today’s marketplace. In addition, this sucker is light!

I bought two small pouches with my bag. I carry my Sangean DT 200v pocket radio in one and the other has my Swiss army knife, Leatherman tool, and CMG LED flashlight.

I struggled with what size of Café Bag to buy. In the end, I made the right decision for my needs. I work as an IT project manager, so I wanted a bag that looked professional while fitting my minimalist approach to life. By the way, I put a zipper pull on the zipper. I might post pictures in a week or so!

It is indeed a pleasure to buy a bag made in the USA and from folks that share a similar worldview.

Here are a few media links I would like to share with you:


Tom in Arizona

Tom Bihn
12-11-2006, 07:54 PM
I'm glad you appreciate the Café Bag both for what it has and what it doesn't have. We've resisited calls to add all sorts of features to this bag, prefering to keep it simple. Now we make other bags (the Imago and Buzz come to mind) that have some of those requested features, but I'm glad the <i>zen</i> Café Bag still is winning fans.

12-12-2006, 12:09 AM
Adding features would simply drive up the cost of the Cafe Bags and afterall
it is a cafe bag, designed to be simple.