View Full Version : My Brain Cell

03-16-2007, 12:17 PM
I've had my brain cell since last September, so I feel confident that I can give an opinion about the bag I have.

Overall, I love the bag! I think it is very secure and I feel confident that my Sony SZ120 is well-protected. I like the color and design because it doesn't scream "Hey, I have a laptop! Steal me!". The way the top opens also makes it very easy to remove the computer and put it away.

I do wish that the front mesh pocket was a bit larger. Getting the Sony powerbrick and cord, plus a regular-sized mouse and a few little things gets a bit tight. Manageable, but tight. The SZ120 is a very small, ultra lightweight computer, but the power brick is still somewhat thick. I wish I could fit a slim headset for Ventrilo in there, too but I can't.

Also, I could stand the handles to be a bit longer. When I get the computer and the front pocket packed, the handles feel a bit "short". I can get my small hands in there, but I would like about an inch or two more for comfort.

I do have strap, but I prefer to hand-carry my brain cell, since I am usually just taking it from the car to wherever I am going to use it.

None of these issues I brought up are a deal-breaker, just wanted to share my observations. I have no regrets, and am thinking of getting another bag as soon as I can afford it!