View Full Version : Microsoft Surface 3 Cache?

06-01-2015, 05:43 PM
I have a cache for about every laptop/tablet I have ever purchased. BUT there is no cache that is even close to the dimensions of the Microsoft Surface 3. Being a ~10" 3:2 aspect device it falls between the iPad Air 2 and the MacBook Air 11" caches.
Surface 3 Dimensions: 10.52 x 7.36 x 0.34 in (267 x 187 x 8.7 mm)
iPad Air 2 Interior: 9.5" / 240mm 6.7" / 170mm 0.3" / 8mm
Macbook Air 11: 11.8" / 300mm 7.6" / 192mm 0.7" / 17mm

Any chance to get a cache that splits that difference? Pretty please :)

06-01-2015, 09:38 PM
This is what I ordered for my Surface RT, and it fits the tablet w/either keyboard. Cache - Size: NBM (I think it was the one for the MB Air 11.) Now the RT was a little snug on the ends with about and inch of room on the top; not quite ideal but good enough. Seeing the size difference (RT=2):


The 3 should actually be a better fit.