View Full Version : What Tom Bihn product might fit a particular small object?

06-16-2015, 01:54 PM
What options might I have to hold a so it can be contained with about the same amount of room and one-handed insertion/removal ease as with the old (ca. 2007) Imago exterior pouches?

Partial backstory: My 2007ish Imago is getting old, I now have a LCB to alternate with it as an EDC bag, and I need to extract/use/re-insert a 4" wide x 1.25" deep x 1" high object into my bag or a pouch clipped to it -- at a few precise times every day, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. This action needs to be done with one hand while holding and using something else in the other. A mini organizer pouch fits the object but is too snug to use one-handed, and a small organizer pouch is too loose to keep the object from becoming unusable. How might the mini Q-Kit work?

(a little Googling suggests that the Medcenter daily pill organizer pouch (Medcenter Systems) *might* work for my own purposes, but I'm under the impression that it'd fall apart pretty quickly... unlike Tom Bihn products :)

Thanks... I realize this is a pretty specific question that nobody here can probably answer... but hey, just in case... :)